Leave Share

The University has a Leave Share Program for employees who have exhausted all annual leave and sick leave due to illness, injury, impairment, physical or mental condition, which is of an extraordinary or severe nature that involves the employee or a related person of the employee.

Full-time active employees with 80 hours of sick leave accrued and at least one year of service will be enrolled in the Leave Share Program each year in the month of January. Those participating in the program must have on-going sick leave balance of at least (80) hours immediately prior to the hardship caused by a severe illness or injury. This will allow participation in the program for the calendar year should the need arise.

Employees must be employed a minimum of twelve (12) consecutive months to be able to participate in the program. Those wishing to participate, but have not been employed 12 months, will be enrolled in the month of their first anniversary if they have 80 hours of sick leave accrued.

Request for Leave Share must come from the employee's supervisor or next level supervisor. Fill out the attached form and submit it to benefits@uco.edu for consideration. 
Leave Share Request Form