Qualifying Life Events

If you’ve experienced a life event that requires you to change your benefit elections outside of the open enrollment period, you will be required to upload proof of the life event change in the BenefitFocus system. Most life events allow you to make changes within 30 days of the life event, with the exception of Medicaid, which typically allows 60 days.

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Qualified Life Events

HIPAA Notice of Special Enrollment

-Special Enrollment Information

Contact us to request special enrollment or obtain more information. 

How to Enter a Qualifying Life Event

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Log in to Benefitfocus. Click on the "Enroll or Edit Your Benefits" box.

Enroll or Edit Your Benefits box

If you need to change your elections due to a qualified life event, click on "Edit your benefits."

Edit your benefits

Select your reason for changing your benefits from the drop down menu. The reason for your event will determine the changes you can make:

Select reason for change
  • Birth, adoption, or placement for adoption of a dependent child
  • Court order
  • Death of dependent
  • Dependent gains or loses other coverage
  • Divorce
  • Now eligible for other coverage
  • Loss of dependent child status
  • Marriage
  • Other

Follow the steps to add or remove a dependent, elect or decline coverage, and upload documentation to support your change. For more information, please contact the Benefits Department