Position Summary by Family

A Job Family is a group of jobs involving work similar in nature. Jobs at the University have been divided into fifteen (15) different job families.

Job Family Family Summary

Academic Services

Activities related to programs that enhance the academic environment for students and faculty.

Accounting & Finance

Activities related to the planning and management of university financial operations.

Art, Culture & Entertainment

Involves planning, developing, producing, promoting and performing art, culture or entertainment productions.

Athletic Affairs

Activities related to or in support of the university’s intercollegiate athletic programs, including supporting student athletes and the maintenance of athletic facilities.

Campus Safety

Activities to ensure the security and safety of students, faculty, staff, the campus, and its facilities.

Executive Management

Involves top administrative positions with campus-wide reach that are responsible for policy-making and help create the strategic course of action for the university.

External Affairs

Involves promoting the university and its services to multiple internal and external constituencies (but not including those related to advancement). 

Facilities Services

Involves the design, maintenance, and operations of university facilities, infrastructure, equipment and grounds.

Human Resources

Activities related to the staffing and talent needs, management of compensation and benefits programs, employee relations, and/or training and development of the university and its employees.

Information Technology

Activities related to the planning, developing, and maintenance of information technology systems and their successful operation.

Institutional Advancement

Involves the support of strategic growth initiatives and development activities such as strategic planning, establishing and maintaining donor or alumni relationships; internal development and enhancement strategies; capital campaigns. 

Legal Affairs

Ensures the university’s compliance with all laws and regulations while it pursues strategic and operational goals.

Library Services

Involves the  management, design and/or support of administrative processes that support the attainment of fiscal and operational objective.

Operational Support

Activities  related to the management, design, or support of the administrative process  that promotes the attainment of fiscal and operational objectives.

Student Services

Handles a variety of activities to assist students and support, guide and enhance their experience at the university

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