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3Cs Award Winners

  • 2015     Deborah Baucom
  • 2014     Glenn Hightower
  • 2013     Darlene Maroney
  • 2012     Julio Mata
  • 2011     Sue Ryan
  • 2010     Michael Sokoff
  • 2009     Marvin Houston
  • 2008     Stephanie Driver

Exceptional Performance Awards

Fiscal Year 2017 Award Winners

  • 1st  Qtr - Amy Brown, Accounting Clerk III NUC
  • 2nd Qtr - Sam Kramer, Coordinator Learning Communities
  • 3rd  Qtr - Julius Adkins, Captain, Police Services
  • 4th  Qtr -

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is “Broncho Beat”?
Q:  What employee appreciation events are available on campus?
Q: What is the Employee Handbook?
Q: How can I make a suggestion or report a problem?
Q: How can I utilize Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services?
Q: What is an IPP?
Q: Why do new hires have to go through New Employee Training?
Q: Does Employee Relations help with personnel problems?


Q:  What is “Broncho Beat”?

A:  “Broncho Beat” is a monthly newsletter for all UCO Employees featuring pertinent information, pictures and updates regarding events, news, employee accomplishments, new hires, birthdays, anniversaries, campus and community events, training opportunities, Healthy Campus, and the Employee Assistance Program monthly news.

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Q:  What employee appreciation events are available on campus?

A:   Employee Relations strives to help UCO supervisors acknowledge good performance throughout the year by hosting employee recognition activities and awards such as:

  • National Employee Appreciation Day special event  (Spring)
  • Family Fun and Film Fest (early Summer)
  • BRAVO festivities, food, football, and prizes (early Fall)
  • Years of Service Celebration (Fall/Winter)
  • $500 Quarterly Exceptional Performance Awards
  • $1250 Annual Exceptional Performance Awards
  • $1000 Annual 3Cs Award

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Q: What is the Employee Handbook?

A: Handbook has been written to help you to become acquainted with UCO and to assist you in finding answers to questions you may have regarding your employment at the University. The Handbook is an important document intended to provide concise statements of certain employment- related policies and benefits provided by the University.

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Q: How can I make a suggestion or report a problem?

A: The University launched UCOmment for students, faculty, staff and the public to share their thoughts - anonymously or not - with university leaders. Visit UCOmment and give us your feedback.Also available is the Ethics Point RUSO Tip Line set up through the Regional University System of Oklahoma (RUSO) to provide a safe, ethical, and positive additional choice through which concerns may be submitted anonymously. You are also encouraged to continue communicating any concerns directly to your supervisor, Human Resources, or the appropriate campus offices whenever possible.

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Q: How can I utilize Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services?

A: The process begins with a telephone call to Mercy EAP (800) 413-8008 option #2. You can do this in private, or call Employee Relations at 974-2932 for assistance.  Basic demographic information will be collected, the nature of the problem will be identified, and an appointment will be scheduled with one of our convenient local professionals. EAP counseling services are free to you and your household members as part of your UCO benefits. You can have up to six visits per issue per year.

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Q: What is an IPP?

A:  The Individualized Performance Plan (IPP) is the University's formal performance management system. The UCO system utilizes one form, the IPP form, and is divided into two Rounds - the Planning Round and the Annual Evaluation Round. These two Rounds remain the standard for both Annual IPPs and Introductory IPPs. IPP Online Processing is located at https://jobs.uco.edu/hr

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Q: Why do new employees have to go through New Employee Training?

A: The purpose of New Employee Training is to:

  • To ensure that all new staff employees receive comprehensive information relative to the University of Central Oklahoma's culture, programs and services;
  • To assist in acclimating new staff employees into the UCO community; and
  • To provide new staff employees with tools, training, and information necessary for the performance of basic job duties.

To accomplish this, New Employee Training classes are typically held every two weeks in synchronicity with the bi-weekly payroll schedule. Specific dates can be determined from the Learning Center. The training is tailored according to the duties and responsibilities of each new employee.

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Q: Does Employee Relations help with personnel problems?

A: The mission of Employee Relations is to enhance productivity and job satisfaction by improving interpersonal relationships and resolving disputes. Employee Relations serves the University, its management and staff in the interpretation and enforcement of University policies, procedures, practices, and external regulations related to labor/staff relations. We also provide leadership and education in the identification and resolution of concerns related to the management of University staff. The UCO Employee Relations personnel are available to assist you with workplace conflicts and consultation. To schedule an appointment call 974-2932.  Additional information for supervisors is available at https://wiki.uco.edu/display/centralsupv/Management+Central