3Cs Award Winners

  • 2015     Deborah Baucom
  • 2014     Glenn Hightower
  • 2013     Darlene Maroney
  • 2012     Julio Mata
  • 2011     Sue Ryan
  • 2010     Michael Sokoff
  • 2009     Marvin Houston
  • 2008     Stephanie Driver

UCO Employee Awards & Recognition

3Cs Award

The 3Cs annual award is designed to recognize a University employee for performance, interaction, and leadership consistent with the IPP definitions of Character, Community, and Civility. All employees, including executive management, but excluding faculty, are eligible for this award.   3Cs Award Nomination Form

Exceptional Performance Award

The Exceptional Performance award is available to UCO staff members (except directors and above) who have a minimum of six months of continuous employment prior to nomination. Areas of consideration include Impact, Effectiveness, Innovation, and Significance.  Exceptional Performance Award nomination form

Years of Service Awards: 5 year incremental recognition awards 

Years of Service Award Honorees