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Exceptional Performance Awards

Fiscal Year 2015 Award Winners

  • 1st  Qtr - Angela Morris, Staff Writer CFAD
  • 2nd Qtr 
  • 3rd  Qtr
  • 4th  Qtr

Employee Relations

The mission of Employee Relations & Development is to enhance productivity and job satisfaction by improving interpersonal relationships and resolving disputes. Employee Relations serves the University, its management and staff in the interpretation and enforcement of University policies, procedures, practices, and external regulations related to labor/staff relations. We also provide leadership and education in the identification and resolution of concerns related to the management of University staff.

Employee Relations services include:

  • Human Resources policy and procedure interpretation and administration
  • Consultation and administration of Corrective Action process
  • Consultation and advisement on performance and conduct management
  • Consultation on staff mediation, grievance and complaint process
  • Assistance with the development of performance standards, performance evaluations and the  performance improvement process
  • Consultation and assistance with conflict resolution between two or more parties through facilitation and discussion
  • Coordination and scheduling of mediation sessions
  • Consultation with individuals to cultivate positive relationships and improve the work environment
  • Training on a variety of employee-related topics
  • Coordination of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services
  • Assistance with the exit interview process and maintenance of exit interview data.

Please contact Employee Relations at (405) 974-2932 for assistance.


UCO Cares   

Through generous gifts from employees and others, the UCO Cares Employee Relief Program is available to help employees with short-term financial assistance during unexpected and unavoidable financial hardships and emergencies.

Employees are eligible to apply for UCO Cares funds due to multiple circumstances. Under the UCO Cares Employee Relief Program and based on availability of funds, financial assistance may be extended to employees with at least six months of service.

How to Give: You can donate money to help members of the UCO community by giving to the UCO Cares Fund. You can make a contribution through the UCO Foundation by calling 974-2770 or by visiting ucogiving.org.

How to Apply:  If an emergency has exhausted an employee's resources, he or she may qualify for funds from the UCO Cares Employee Relief Program. Since some people have difficulty asking for assistance, a co-worker may apply on behalf of an employee that could benefit from this program. Download an application for the UCO Cares Employee Relief Program. 


  • Funeral & Travel: Up to $500.00
  • Food, Clothing, Shelter: Up to $750.00
  • Medical (Proof of insurance required): Up to $1,000.00
  • Catastrophic Disaster: Up to $1,000.00

The committee reserves the right to give more or less than requested depending on the funds available and nature of the hardship.

An employee must demonstrate a separate and distinct need in order to be considered for a second disbursement within 24 months.

Current UCO Cares Fund Balance: $6,394.13


Professional Development Opportunities

Development plays a strong role in employee relations. In response to many requests for more learning opportunities in employee relations, we host routine professional development opportunities, which can be enrolled for through the  Learning Center.  We have also provided managers and supervisors with additional information and forms regarding Performance Management by logging into our Wiki Central site TEAM.Management_Central.

Our most popular developmental classes are:

Our most popular Award Programs are:

 Our Employee Relations personnel:

  • Carrie Irwin, Employee Relations Manager  (405) 974-2327
  • Erika Cerda, Employee Relations Specialist  (405) 974-2932