Individual Performance Plan (IPP)

The Individualized Performance Plan (IPP) is the University's formal performance management system. The UCO system utilizes one form, the IPP form, and is divided into two Rounds - the Planning Round and the Annual Evaluation Round. These two Rounds remain the standard for both Annual IPPs and Introductory IPPs. IPP Online Processing is located at

Role of the IPP:

  • Provide direction ("What do you want me to do?")
  • Describe purpose and meaning ("How do I fit in?")
  • Establish accountability ("What gets measured gets done!")
  • Support personal growth, learning and career aspirations
  • Celebrate and recognize successes (Annual acknowledgement)
  • Provide a place to file corrective actions (Annual acknowledgment)
  • Identify those employees to consider for rewards, promotions, transfers and increases.

Supervisors' Guide to IPPs          Frequently Asked Questions