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Temporary Employees

Welcome to UCO!  By joining the UCO community, you are becoming a part of the inspiring traditions, excellence in education, and innovation for the future that we all pride ourselves on!  This page provides information you will need to get off to an excellent start.


I’ve been selected for a Seasonal/Grant-Funded position, now what?

  1. After speaking with the Talent Acquisition Team and successfully passing a background check, you will receive an email from that will contain your job offer letter and details on paperwork required to be completed on or before your first day of employment
  2. The email will contain details on where to be and at what time in order to attend New Employee Training (NET). NET will be an introduction to working life at UCO, and you will be given assistance completing paperwork. You will also have lunch with your supervisor on this day.
  3. If you do not receive this email or are unable to attend NET please contact the Talent Acquisition Team at 

How will I get paid?

Seasonal/Grant Funded positions are paid through UCO payroll by direct deposit either monthly or bi-weekly depending on the type of position. To get set up complete the paperwork details here.


I’ve been selected as an Independent Contractor, now what?

  1. Before any work begins, you should sign either a contract or service agreement with the hiring department at UCO. This will determine the details of your service, and what is expected during the timeframe. Please contact the hiring department to request either form if you do not receive one before your first day.
  2. For details on your start date and parking arrangements, you should contact your hiring department for details. You can find the UCO Parking Map at this link

How will I get paid?

Independent Contractors are paid by our purchasing team – the timeframe for this payment depends on the details in the service agreement/contract completed between the independent contractor and UCO.


Where do I park?

As a seasonal/grant funded employee, you will be provided with a parking pass free of charge. As a Temp or an Independent Contractor, you should contact your hiring department for more details on where to park. You can find parking maps and much more here


Useful Resources

Questions: If you have questions concerning email access, keys, parking decals, or any other questions concerning your employment, please contact the Administrative Assistant within your Department, or Human Resources at (405) 974-2366 or