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Student Employees

Congratulations on your new student assignment! This page provides information you will need to get off to an excellent start.

Difference between Work Study and Regular Student jobs

How many hours can a student work?

I was selected for a position, now what?

Access your job description

Payroll Information

Useful Resources

Difference between Work Study and Regular Student jobs

To be considered for student employment, the applicant must be currently enrolled as a student at UCO for the semester(s) worked. Only students with work study awards can apply for jobs listed as “Work Study”. Jobs listed as “Student” are open to all students.

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP) - A student must apply for financial aid each year and meet federal eligibility requirements. If he/she receives a FWSP award, the amount of the award is not credited directly to the student’s account at the Bursar. Instead, the student works and receives a bi-weekly paycheck for services rendered.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid Financial Aid Form (FAFSA) must be completed annually to be considered for any type of federal financial aid assistance, including FWSP*

*If awarded FWSP, the maximum amount to be earned will be specified in the award letter. The student must officially accept the FWSP award offer by responding as instructed by the deadline stated in the letter.

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How many hours can a student work? 

The rules vary for regular, work study and international students. Find out what rules apply to you.    Students may work in more than one department at a time as long as they do not exceed maximum hours per week.

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I've been selected for a position, now what?

  1. You will receive an email from (see below*) that details the steps required to complete paperwork and a background check if you haven’t completed them before; if you are currently active in the UCO Banner system, hence a renewal student employee, you will receive notification that no paperwork is necessary (all new employees cannot start their new role without completing the steps listed below).
  2. Your supervisor will receive an email from when each of the steps below are completed (if payroll paperwork and a background check are necessary).  Only after this email is received can you then begin work.  If you are a renewal student employee with no breaks in service, they will simply need to complete and submit a Student Employment Action Form for you to Human Resources.

*Email from JOBS@UCO.EDU for NEW Student Employees:

Before you can begin working, you must log into the New Hire Portal and begin the Onboarding process via the link in the email. There you will be able to complete your background, new hire paperwork, update your information, review company documents, and complete relevant tasks prior to your start date.

Please note, you are not authorized to begin work until all tasks assigned to you are completed AND you receive authorization from This includes bringing I-9 documentation  to the HR Main Office (ADM 204).

Please be sure to bring with you:

    • Acceptable forms of original, unexpired Identification for the Federal I-9 form (faxes or photocopies are not accepted)A voided check, or official document from bank with routing and account numbers on it, for State required direct deposit (deposit slips are not accepted)
      • List of acceptable identification
      • Receipts showing documents requested will be taken in place of original, to act as a place-holder until the document arrives, for up to 90-days

Off-Campus Work Study students will need to bring a signed Service Agreement provided by the Office of Student Financial Services:

International students will also need to bring in their passport, I-94, and I- 20.  I-94’s can be retrieved by clicking here.

New Student employees cannot begin work until this paperwork has been completed (including I-9 process) with the HR Main Office (ADM 204) & hiring supervisor has submitted a Student Employment Action Form (SEAF).

When you are all set, you can access the Bi-Weekly/Student Payroll Calendar and “Students Web Time Entry” PowerPoint instructions for completing your online time card via UCONNECT, at the following link. Alternatively, if your department is using NovaTime, please make sure to visit with your supervisor about having your timecard account created.

For payroll and time card queries, contact Payroll at (405) 974-3353.

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Access your job description – if you were hired after 08/01/2014, your job description may be available in the People Admin system. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the top blue words that say “Click Here” and it will take you to a Central Authentication Service
  3. Type in your user name and password you use to sign into your work computer at UCO.
  4. On the Home page, make sure you are logged into the Position Management module in the upper right hand corner and the background of the header is the color orange.
  5. Hover over the second tab, Position Description, and click on the word Student.
  6. In the search bar, type in your last name and click search.
  7. Click on the blue title of the position listed
  8. If there is no information filled in, then your job description was not brought over to the new system.
  9. If it is there, you can click Print Preview (employee view) to print your job description.
  10. To close the page, click logout directly under the orange header on the right had side of the page.

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Payroll Information

  • When do I get paid?  - The Payroll Calendar shows the 2 week work period that starts on the Begin Date and ends on the End Date listed on the spreadsheet.  Timecards need to be filled out and submitted on or before the Open for time Entry date.  You will receive pay for that 2 week period on the Pay Date.   A student should receive his/her first paycheck 3-4 weeks of after beginning employment.
  • Timecard instructions
  • Paystub
  • Address changes, W2’s and other payroll information

Student Salary Bands:

  • Clerical:  $7.25 - $8.40
  • Technical:  $7.25 - $9.60
  • Tutors:  $7.25 - $10.10  
  • *Research Assistant, undergraduate (RA):  $9.75
  • *Research Assistant, graduate (RA):  $11.375
  • *Teaching Assistant (TA):  $11.375

*Any exceptions and the justification thereof must be approved and documented by the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.

Student Employment/Payroll Dates from Payroll Calendar:

  • Spring:  PAYROLL 1-11
  • Summer:  PAYROLL 12-17
  • Fall:  PAYROLL 18-26

Useful Resources:

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