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How can we help you reach your Professional Development goals? The most convenient way is through the Learning Center.

You have access to nearly 1000 self-paced online learning programs. Self-paced means you can start and stop whenever you need to accommodate a busy schedule. You can also backtrack and fast forward to refresh your memory and suit your personal learning speed. Everything from Working With Difficult People to Delegation Essentials to Time Management to Technology and Software training is found inside the Learning Center.

The place to register for classroom training sessions. While inside the Learning Center, visit the Catalog to view UCO's required annual training options. If you are new to UCO, your courses are also just a click away inside the Catalog. You may also search for the title you want or check the events calendar to see what sessions are available to you.

The Learning Center engages learners with interactive courses, enlightening videos and practical simulations. It helps develop competencies in skills relevant to your area, provides insights and best practices, and helps you become a more productive employee.

Logging into the Learning Center is easy:Picture of the Learning Center Login Box

Having Difficulty Launching the Learning Center?

If you are having trouble launching the Learning Center due to Java issues, click here for a guide on Java installation. If you are still having issues, please contact the Service Desk by email, support@uco.edu or by phone, 405-974-2255.