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In order to effectively lead a group of individuals, one must first look at themselves through a reflective lens. Throughout the day and a half Self-Development course, participants will complete a variety of assessments including DiSC to help them develop skills in the areas of empathy, cultural awareness, work-life balance, and more.

Leadership Basics

As one of UCO’s Central Six tenets, Leadership can be seen all across campus in a variety of avenues such as course content, informal and formal leadership roles, guest lectures, etc. The Leadership Basics course will help participants understand the “why”, “what” and “how” of leadership while developing strategies and practices to continue to develop their leadership capacity and influence.


As careers develop, it is important to be coachable, open to change, and known for pursuing feedback and improvement. This course tackles communication competency including mythology about how communication develops, the competency of receiving feedback and executing clear plans for improvement, behavioral communication and an overview of emotional intelligence. This provides you with a strong foundation for conversations both giving and receiving feedback, developing the use of questions for creating information flow in a variety of situations, and understanding how different communication styles work together. Participants will spend time in reflection, small group, and large group activity to identify areas of focus and action for their professional growth.

Group Dynamics

In various studies, leaders place a premium on teamwork as a necessary competency for business success. In our environment, projects cross functions and departments, and being a competent communicator is necessary at every level. This time focuses on communication competency as the foundation for building effective teams, creating productive group climates, and managing conflict using a variety of situation-appropriate styles. Participants will learn how to analyze teams and put together teams that are both productive and cohesive, early identification and resolution of potential conflicts, the roles of individuals within the teams and how they contribute to the overall team identity.

Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving

Problem solving is a skill highly valued and sought after across a number of industries – including higher education. This course is intent on providing basic training on creative problem solving, which is essential for tackling novel, ill-defined problems with multiple solution options. Most importantly, this course examines individual, group, and organizational level consequences of engaging in creative problem-solving and change management. We’ll spend our time discussing the underlying problems with human cognition during problem-solving processes, learning and applying a general stepwise framework for solving complex problems, and relating the role of problem solving to assessing the need for, building support for, and enacting change in organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to both learn principles and practice techniques related to solving challenges that require innovative solutions.