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Now over 200 members strong, the Leadership UCO Alumni (LUCOA) is a community of individuals who have successfully completed the LUCO program. This year we have assembled a group of dedicated LUCOA members who will serve on the 2018-2019 Event Planning Committee. Their responsibilities include brainstorming/collaborating ideas for events and programs specifically for LUCOA members as well as the implementation and promotion of these events.

As a result of the conversations of this committee, we have decided to launch the Reconnect to LUCOA 2018-2019 Campaign. Our goal is to provide opportunities for our members to reconnect with one another and with LUCOA.

Be sure to explore the Events and Membership Directory pages to your left to find LUCOA events and your classmates.

More details coming soon! 


Event Planning Committee:

Stephanie Edwards, Class 7; David Herd, Class 12; Brett King, Class 11; John Stephens, Class 11