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Membership Directory

A focus for our "Reconnect to LUCOA" campaign is being more transparent on who has gone through the LUCO program so LUCOA members can connect with one another. Please use this page to reconnect with your classmates while also connecting with others who have gone through the program.

*The following LUCOA members are currently employed by UCO. There may be others from your class who no longer work at UCO therefore are not listed.


Class 14: 2016-2017

LUCO Class 14

Jennifer Alexander

Dona Baker

Jade Bennight

Shelby Button

Fallon Casteel

Rod Costner

Liz Crowell

Dr. Christina Hendrickson

Sharon Kelting

Tamra Kitsmiller

Justine Mankin

Chris Palmer

Michele Ramsdell

Yasin Rasekh

Jennifer Sirera

Juliet Smith

Jimmy Young

Class 13: 2015-2016

LUCO Class 13

Mike Breslin

Misty Davis

Scott DeBoard

Anona Earls

Brad Griffith

Dawn Haggerty

Kerry Housley

Sam Ladwig

Sarah Moore

Luci Seem

Class 12: 2014-2015

 LUCO Class 12

Teresa Delaney

David Herd

Randyl Holmes

Adrienne Martinez

Pamela Platz

Kirsten Davis

James Provine

Adam Rogers

Brandi Smith

Class 11: 2013-2014

LUCO Class 11

Julius Adkins

Taylor Baird

Shay Beezley

Kathy Gradnigo

Brett King

Niccole Miller

Angela Rice

Nadeeka Siriwardana

John Stephens

Darrell Stinchcomb

Joshua Stone

Glenda Todd

Lorraine Youll


Class 10: 2012-2013

Cheryl Duke

Julio Mata

Joy Morgan

Leigha Pemberton

James Powers

Mary Beth Qualls

Tracey Romano

Kelly Ross

Diane Feinberg

Class 9: 2011-2012

Roberta Botello

Dr. Bob Delano

Lindsay Eckert

Georgia Fiering

Heather Fieth

Ben Hastings

Dana Jackson

Gale Mann

Gail Okoe

Rosario Riley

Amy Rogalsky

Darnell Smith

Kevin Tero

Class 8: 2010-2011

Dallas Caldwell

Zac Dumas

Mitch Green

Fran Petties

Sandi Stewart

Charlotte Waddle

Johnny Watley

Charlene Wiles

Class 7: 2009-2010

Ines Burnham

Stephanie Edwards

Camille Kilbourne

Brent Miller

Norman Nieves

Heather Peck

Class 6: 2008-2009

Tom Barmann

Vice President Kevin Freeman

Cindy Guthrie

Vice President Patti Neuhold

Deborah Thompson

Class 5: 2007-2008

Tami Clavin

Karen Davis

Carol Dean

Stephanie Driver

Tracy Fairless

Lisa Harper

Dr. Roz Miller

Katrina Shaklee

Habib Tabatabai

Class 4: 2006-2007

Darren Denham

Adam Johnson

Beverly Prosser

Terrie Silvers

Aaron Wheelbarger

Class 3: 2005-2006

Cindy Boling

Patricia Casey

Rod Edwards

Brenda Knott

Lea Lee

William McCormick

Debi Young

Class 2: 2004-2005

Nancy Busby

Dawna Terrell

Rick Vega

Mike Wallo

Class 1: 2003-2004

Drew Duke

Dr. Jarrett Jobe

Kay Jones

Marjorie Sue Ryan

Chris Snoddy

Marian Spears

Carla Supon

Cary Williams

Advanced LUCO

Class 1: 2004-2005

Mark Rodolf

Rosalynn Wade

Class 2: 2005-2006

Jeff Harp

Karen Youngblood

Class 3: 2006-2007

Dr. Jennifer Barger-Johnson

Cecelia Smith