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The Management Development Program (MDP) is designed to equip existing managers to approach their roles and responsibilities with confidence in their business acumen. All too often, we reward employees who are great at their jobs by awarding them a position with more responsibility for which they are ill-prepared; in essence, setting them up for failure. This practice is out of alignment with our human resource goal to recruit and retain top talent. Investing in the development of our people is a key method to retaining them.

Upon completion of the Management Development Program, participants will:

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills. 
  • Identify the traits of diverse teams. 
  • Use effective communication techniques to give meaningful feedback.   
  • Implement the DiSC assessment in teams to improve communication and cohesiveness.
  • Utilize effective decision-making techniques.
  • Experiment with different coaching situations and tools to maximize employee development and growth.
  • Employ motivation as a tool to improve employee performance and satisfaction.
  • Discover techniques to better navigate through change in your team.
  • Distinguish when to stick to or abandon a departmental decision. 

Participation Requirements:

  • Current UCO employees who supervise faculty, staff, or student employees or those who have a strong likelihood of doing so in the near future.
  • Completion or on track to complete Power of the 3 R’s, Correction Not Punishment, and FLSA trainings.
  • Basic D2L knowledge such as the ability to drag and drop files, participate in online discussions, and complete online pre and post tests. A brief session is offered addressing these aspects of D2L before the program kickoff.
  • Ability to contribute effectively to online discussion scenarios.
  • Participants must be able to set aside an estimated 3 to 6 hours to prepare two action plans, pre and post tests, evaluations, and online discussions after each session plus a 1000 word capstone project.
  • Time to dedicate to 2 action plans following each session, pre and post tests, surveys, online discussions, a 1000 word capstone project. (This list is not intended to be all-inclusive) Estimates range between 3 and 6 hours outside of class for regular course work plus capstone.
  • Departmental funding for $299
  • Program completion requires attendance and participation of all sessions and completed course work turned in and on time.

Program Dates

(8:30-5:00 unless otherwise noted)

Fundamentals of Management – Thursday, October 12, 2017

Advanced Management – Thursday, November 9, 2017

Teams –Thursday, January 11, 2018

Effectiveness – Thursday, February 8, 2018

Coaching – Thursday, March 8, 2018

Legal (8:30-1:00) – Thursday, April 12, 2018

Graduation (2:00-3:00) – Friday, May 11, 2018

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Program Participation Form - Registration is capped at 25 managers/supervisors. Deadline to register is Friday, September 22, 2017.

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"Participating in the MDP program provided me with so much insight about myself professionally, and even personally. I have become much more aware of the intersections between workplace relationships, emotions, conflict, personality style, team dynamics, and well-being as a result of my experience with MDP. If you are reading this and thinking you can’t commit the time, or if you step away from your desk the whole place will come crashing down, I encourage you to think again. You may be surprised to learn that this place stays standing even if you are gone for a few day. MDP is one of those programs where even if you think know everything there is to know about management and leadership, you are reintroduced to concepts about communication strategies and managing competing interests in a way that is always fresh because you have the experiences of other participants to learn from as well.  And who better to learn from about success than some of our finest at UCO?! I love my time spent in MDP and don’t regret it for a second!" - Adrienne Martinez - EEO/Title IX Coordinator


   "When I started out in this program I noted on my sheet for the Fundamentals of Management session that I wanted to learn more about motivation, as in keeping myself motivated and moving in a positive direction, along with being encouraging and motivating to my staff.   With working in Student Affairs, most of the employees in the division are in positions of being programmers, advisors, counselors, and admission representatives.  With me being the business manager and over the accounting for the Student Activity Fee, my job is totally different than everyone else in the division with the exception being my budget assistant.  Because of this difference in job duties, it is important to make sure my direct reports are motivated and have a sense of importance to the structure of the division.  That is why I felt the need to learn more about motivating employees.  Keeping them motivated and challenged within their jobs is important to me and their satisfaction for retention within their positions. 

     In my position as the business manager, I want to be a leader.  I want to be someone who has a vision for my team, communicates well with them,  motivate and challenge them, as well as showing confidence and integrity.   I have come to realize that skillful listening is a challenge for me, so I want to be a better listener.  My awareness of these leadership components will help me to be more effective in reaching out to support my team. 

     Taking the DiSC assessment and learning about myself, my style, what motivates me, what stresses me out, and how I relate to others was the most interesting part of this program to me.  Learning about the styles used in the DiSC model and then reading through my own profile assessment reinforced my own perception about me and the work that I do.  Being a "C" style brings light to me being logical, systematical, reliable, and analytical.   Ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability, and challenging assumptions are priorities that are well appreciated in the role of someone who deals with accounting and policies.  I would to like to have my team members take the DiSC assessment to see their results.  By them taking the DiSC assessment, I could use the information to get a better understanding of how to connect with my team members so we can be a more effective team.   It would give us the opportunity to talk about our strengths, weakness, approaches to problem solving, fears, and understanding each other better so we can be a more efficient team for the Division of Student Affairs and for UCO." - Teresa Metzger, Business Manager - Student Affairs


     "Participating in the Management Development Program has been so beneficial for my management style, thought processes, and procedures.  As a new manager with little training, I absorbed this information like a sponge and was anxious to put some of these methods into action.  The action plans were extremely helpful in holding me accountable for achieving the goals I projected.  There was a perfect balance of guidance and independent thinking.  We were able to generate our own ideas pertaining specifically to our department while still receiving input from other learners in the program.  I was able to enhance my management style by learning about contrasting personalities.  I have improved my listening skills and have started practicing my coaching skills.  I am able to put my thoughts into actions and set realistic goals and deadlines for myself and my team.  My procedures are more effective by putting plans in place that make our department’s ideas for improvement a reality.  Overall, the program has been a great benefit to myself and my team." - Cassidy Ladd, Admissions Counselor II - Academic Advisement


     "I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be a part of an organization such as UCO that not only makes this type of professional development training available to us, but strongly encourages each and every one of the faculty and staff to participate, to grow, and become more of a valuable assets through it.

     Having the opportunity to participate in this Management Development Program has been a wonderful experience, I have gained so much value through the instruction, open class discussions, and one on one conversations with my changing table mates has been such a wonderful experience. I will highly recommend it to anyone who is in the position of supervising any number of staff every chance I get, the information and instruction put together and provided to us by the professional development staff is first rate and will serve me and my team very well!" - Michael Liskey, Asst. Director - Nigh University Center