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The purpose of New Employee Orientation is to:

  • To ensure that all new employees receive comprehensive information relative to the University of Central Oklahoma's culture, programs and services;
  • To assist in acclimating new employees into the UCO community; and
  • To provide new employees with tools, resources, and information necessary for the performance of basic job duties.

To accomplish this, New Employee Orientation classes are typically held every two weeks. Specific dates can be determined from the Learning Center, but generally follow the biweekly payroll cycle. Most new employees will complete a full-day of onboarding on their first day at UCO, attend another half-day later that week, and then participate in annually-required and job-specific sessions at a later date. Employees will gain knowledge on general UCO information, employee benefits, Banner navigation, information technology, and the layout of the campus just to name a few areas of focus. 

Additional, job-specific courses that may be necessary focus on Banner Finance, Requisitions, PCard, Screening Committee, and/or Timekeeper.

What to know now that you've been hired.