What to Know After 30 Days of UCO Employment  

 By now you should have accomplished the following. If you are missing something from this list, please call 974-2932 and we’ll help you get scheduled:

Week One 

  • Day 1
    • Attend New Employee Orientation; 
    • Turn in Hiring Paperwork; 
    • Get Faculty/Staff ID
  • Day 2
    • Display Parking decal on vehicle                
  • Day 3
    • All missing hiring paperwork must be completed and turned in to HR; 
    • Attend additional new hire sessions as-indicated on first-day schedule 

 Week 2

  • Register for additional required sessions through The Learning Center if necessary

 30 Days 

  • Complete Cyber-Security, Sexual Misconduct and Gender-Based Discrimination, and Safety sessions
  • Complete the following as-needed and if-necessary:  
    • Timekeeper
    • Golf Cart
    • Driving Safety
    • Banner Finance
    • Banner Requisition
    • Correction, Not Punishment
    • Power of the 3 R's
    • PCard
    • Screening Committee
    • iCIMS User

All benefited employees are eligible for certain types of paid leave. Forms and information are available using the links below.