Reminders from the Office of Legal Counsel

Below are frequent reminders from the Office of Legal Counsel.

Annual Compliance Training - Display

All UCO employees (including faculty, staff, and student employees) are required to complete the following courses:

1. Sexual Harassment and Gender Based Discrimination
2. Safety Training
3. Cyber Security

It is the responsibility of new employees to complete these courses within their probationary period. Current employees must complete these courses within each fiscal year. All employees are accountable to their supervisors for compliance as a job requirement and a part of the annual performance evaluation process.

Courses may be accessed online via the Learning Center.

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Driving Reminder - Display


The Office of Legal Counsel would like to remind faculty, staff, and student employees to stay alert and follow all UCO policies, state law, and city ordinances while operating vehicles on UCO business or within the scope of employment. UCO vehicles, including golf and utility carts, should be used only for University business.

Oklahoma law requires the driver of a vehicle to devote their full time and attention to their driving. Writing, sending, or reading a text message while driving is specifically prohibited.

With the start of the fall semester, there will be increased foot traffic on the sidewalks. Pedestrians have the right of way on campus, and drivers must yield to them. The operator of the golf or utility cart must also give his or her full attention to driving. No distractions such as cell phones (including talking, texting, or playing games such as Pokemon Go), beverages or food, or music devices, are permitted.

*See also University of Central Oklahoma's Risk Management profile and policies on Driving and the Golf/Utility Cart Policy.

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Drug-Free Schools Policy - Display

The University of Central Oklahoma recognizes its responsibility as an educational and public service institution, and as an employer, to promote a productive and healthy environment. This responsibility demands implementation of programs and services which facilitate that effort. This policy has been developed to promote a productive and healthy environment for students and employees (both faculty and staff) and to ensure compliance with Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. All students, faculty and staff receive annual notification of the Drug-Free Schools policy. Please review the Drug-Free Schools Policy Statement.

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Textbook Policy - Display

The Office of Legal Counsel reminds the university community that faculty are prohibited from selling review copies of textbooks under Oklahoma statute 70 O.S. §3241.2 and university policy. Solicitors requesting certain textbooks shall be provided a Notice to Solicitor from the UCO Office of Legal Counsel.

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