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Legal Counsel 

Mission Statement

The University of Central Oklahoma Office of Legal Counsel’s mission is to provide timely and responsible legal services to administrators, faculty, and staff; reduce exposure to legal risks; provide strong, vigorous, and responsible advocacy; and help the University achieve its objectives.  We strive to provide these services in an efficient, reliable, and professional manner.

Role and Scope of the UCO Office of Legal Counsel

The UCO Office of Legal Counsel provides advice and serves the legal needs of the University and its employees when they are acting in the course of their employment. Our office provides legal services in employment and equal opportunity issues, litigation support, contracts and agreements, real estate transactions, policy development and interpretation, student affairs, ethics, compliance, conflicts of interest, and public information.


Nothing contained within this site should be construed as “legal advice” from the UCO Office of Legal Counsel.  Users should always consult with appropriate licensed counsel if legal issues are involved.  The materials presented here are for informational purposes only and for internal use by the University of Central Oklahoma.  Unless otherwise indicated, information on this site does not change or affect any policy, regulation or rule of UCO or the Board of Regents of the Regional University System of Oklahoma.