Policies and Procedures

1.1  Equal Opportunity Statement, available online at http://sites.uco.edu/administration/legal/files-legal/files-policies/1-1_DisHar_EO%20Statement%20REV2.pdf 

1.2  Policy Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment as Defined, Including Sexual Misconduct, available online at http://sites.uco.edu/administration/legal/files-legal/files-policies/1-2_DisHar_Policy.pdf 

1.3  Procedure Related to the Investigation and Resolution of Discrimination and Harassment Complaints Involving Sexual Misconduct, available online at http://sites.uco.edu/administration/legal/files-legal/files-policies/1-3_DisHar_Procedure.pdf 

1.4  Sexual Relationship Policy, available at https://sites.uco.edu/administration/legal/files-legal/files-policies/1-4_DisHar_SexualRelationship.pdf 

1.5  Student Complaint Procedure in Cases of Alleged Disability Discrimination and/or Harassment, available at http://sites.uco.edu/administration/legal/files-legal/files-policies/1-5_DisHar_DisabilityProcedure.pdf 

Campus Expression Policy, effective 08/24/17 and available at http://sites.uco.edu/administration/legal/files-legal/files-policies/CampusExpressionFINAL082417.pdf

Emotional Support Aimal Policy, effective 06/19/18 and available at http://sites.uco.edu/legal_and_policies.asp/emotional-support-animal080818.pdf  

Service Animal Policy, effective 06/19/18 and available at http://sites.uco.edu/legal_and_policies.asp/service-animal080818.pdf  

RUSO Tip Line, powered by EthicsPoint

Continuing UCO's effort to provide a safe, ethical, and positive work and learning environment, Central now offers a new choice to report potential concerns. Concerns may be submitted anonymously through the RUSO Tip Line, at https://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/media/en/gui/30756/index.html, set up through the Regional University System of Oklahoma (RUSO). The RUSO Tip Line is powered by EthicsPoint, a web-based, commercial platform used by industry and higher education to handle such concerns. You are also encouraged to continue communicating any concerns directly to your supervisor, Human Resources, or the appropriate campus offices whenever possible.

For more information, visit FAQs from EthicsPoint, at http://sites.uco.edu/resources/ethicspoint-faq.asp,  or read a letter, at http://sites.uco.edu/resources/EthicsPoint-LetterfromChairtoUniversities.pdf, from RUSO Board Chair Michael Mitchel addressing the use of EthicsPoint.

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