UCO Students

University Contract Review

Please be advised that contracts are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. We request that you submit your request at minimum 15 business days prior to the effective date of any contract and we will make every attempt to return your contract to you in a timely manner.

Contract Cover Memo

When requesting Legal Contract review, always include a cover memo which indicates the following:

  • Department requesting review
  • Individual requesting review along with the Phone Number & Email to which Legal may contact for questions
  • Vendor/Corporate Entity Name
  • Effective Date
  • Purpose of Contract
  • Date Contract Needed (Note: If the “Date Contract Needed” is less than fifteen business days prior to the Event Date, please explain why)

Contractual Review Routing Procedure

Clinical Rotation or Affiliation Agreements: Route to Legal for review. Legal will route to the Dean for signature with request to return to Legal. Legal will then route to Academic Affairs for signature with request to return to Legal. A fully executed copy will be returned to the individual requesting review.

Contracts Involving Computer Software or Equipment: Route to Information Technology. Purchases greater than $10,000 will be routed to Legal by the Vice President for Information Technology. Purchases less than $10,000 may be approved by the Vice President for Information Technology and may be routed to Legal at the discretion of the Vice President for Information Technology. See the Office of Information Technology's webpage for more details.

Contracts Requiring Payment by Purchase Order: Route to Purchasing with appropriate payment processing documents (e.g. requisition, sole source, MERF, etc.). The contract may be routed to Legal at the discretion of the Purchasing Buyer. See the Purchasing webpage for more details.

Contracts Requiring Payment by University Purchasing Card: Prior to paying with your PCard, refer to the PCard Administration's webpage for details about possible PCard restrictions or contact the Office of PCard Administration to determine if your purchase requires review by Legal.

General Contract Review Considerations

  • Use correct legal names of the parties. UCO’s legal contracting name is “The University of Central Oklahoma, an Institution of Higher Education and part of the Oklahoma System of Higher Education (hereafter referred to as "UCO")”.
  • All blanks should be filled in before routing to UCO Office of Legal Counsel. Obligations of both parties, including but not limited to arrival time, start time, location, duration, mandatory attendance, deadlines, compensation, etc., should be clearly defined.
  • Any contract requiring the use of UCO’s name and logo must be approved by the UCO Office of University Relations.
  • As a state agency, UCO cannot commit to any contract governed by the laws of any other state or federal government. For all Governing Law provisions, UCO’s preferred stance is to request vendors modify their terms and conditions to reflect governance by the State of Oklahoma and that all disputes arising out of the contract may be brought in the District Court of Oklahoma County, State of Oklahoma. Alternatively, if the vendor refuses to reflect governance by the State of Oklahoma, UCO second preference is for the contract to “remain silent” on the Governing Law provision.
  • As a state agency, UCO cannot commit to any contract requiring disputes be resolved by binding arbitration. All references to arbitration shall be stricken in their entirety.
  • As a state agency, UCO cannot commit to any contract requiring deposits or prepayment for services. All deposits must be waived by vendor and the contract language stricken in its entirety. Some exceptions apply for prepayment on performance contracts for the right to use name and image in publicity. Contact the UCO Office of Legal Counsel for more details.
  • Provide the Certificate of Tax Exemption to the vendor to avoid paying certain taxes.
  • Provide the Certificate of Self-Insurance to the vendor if insurance is requested. Additional insurance coverage may be required to meet the terms of the contract. In these circumstances, the cost of the additional insurance policy is the responsibility of the contracting department.
  • Departmental Director may sign off to encumber funds via requisition; however, Departmental Director may not sign the contract. Doing so may subject the Departmental Director to the personal liabilities and costs associated with the contract. Appropriate university signing authority resides with President Betz and his designated parties.
  • The university cannot agree to indemnify or “hold harmless” any other entity. All sections related to indemnity or “hold harmless” shall be stricken in its entirety and replaced with the following language: “Parties intend that each shall be responsible for its own intentional and negligent acts or omissions to act. Parties shall be responsible for the acts and omissions to act of its officers and employees while acting within the scope of their employment according to and subject to the limitations of the Governmental Tort Claims Act, 51 O.S. Section 151 et seq.”
  • University departments should make every effort to avoid committing resources beyond the fiscal year. If a contract is expected to last beyond June 30, the contract must contain a non-appropriation, or non-allocation, clause which states: “The agreement purports to cover a term of ____ years. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, if the Oklahoma legislature does not appropriate, or the Regional University System of Oklahoma does not allocate, funds for the payment of the continuation of this agreement, the University will not be obligated to pay the total of payments remaining beyond the then current fiscal year period. The University agrees to notify vendor of such non-appropriation or non-allocation in writing at the earliest possible time.”
  • Consideration for this event requires further approval(s) from other university departments, including but not limited to:
    • Risk Management
    • Physical Plant
    • Police Services
    • Transportation and Parking Services
    • University Relations
    • President’s Office
    • Other(s)