PCard Training

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Required courses include:

  • PCard (Classroom Instruction on Guidelines and Procedures) for first time cardholders and subsequently every two years through the Cardholder Refresher Online Module
  • PCard Financial Manager (Online module)

PCard Security

Lost or Stolen Card:  Cardholders should immediately report lost, misplaced or stolen cards directly to:  JPMorgan Chase Customer Service at 1-800-316-6056. 

Safety Online: JPMorgan Chase does not request or send sensitive information - such as account numbers or passwords - in an unsecured email, or by directing you to an unsecured website.  Do not respond to suspect emails or phone calls.  Instead, immediately contact the bank by calling the number on the back of your card. 

To protect your card information while shopping online, shop only at secured stores whose addresses begin with https. 

Ethics Point



The UCO purchasing card (PCard) is a JPMorgan Chase MasterCard and is the preferred method for purchasing non-capital University supplies which cost $2,499 or less. The PCard provides a means of quickly and easily purchasing small-dollar items.  PCard accounts are available to faculty and staff in all campus departments when approved by the appropriate organization financial manager.  Each card is assigned to an individual employee and only the person whose name is embossed on the card may use it.


Procedural Changes

Please be aware of the following changes to PCard procedures:

  • Effective Immediately: Gratuities and tips on food purchases are limited to 15% of your total bill.  Cardholders will be responsible for reimbursing the University for any amount beyond the 15% limit.
  • Effective Immediately: If an employee receives apparel, gifts, or swag from the University of Central Oklahoma, the State of Oklahoma sees the retail value of these items as non-cash earnings.  Individuals will be taxed on said items as additional wages of $50 or more per calendar year.  A listing of all employees and what they receive must be included with each receipt as additional statement documentation.
  • Effective July 1, 2017: Transactions made on or after July 1, 2017 that require a Prepayment of Registration form will no longer require a signature from the participant.  However, all transactions occurring before July 1, 2017 must have a participant’s signature present.  The new form can be found here.

Staples Advantage

The University currently uses Staples Advantage as our office supply partner.  To create an account, please contact Lee Foreman at lee.foreman@staples.com.  When requesting login credentials for the Staples Advantage contract website, please provide the following information: (1) Cardholder Name, (2) Email Address, (3) Department Name, (4) Department Building, and (5) Department Room Number for the department(s) in which purchases will be made for.

For further inquiries regarding the University’s Staples contract, please contact the UCO purchasing department at purchasing@uco.edu.


The University currently uses J.P. Morgan for PCard services.  In order to view your account transactions and manage your account, please visit www.paymentnet.jpmorgan.com

If you have any trouble with accessing the above reference, please contact the PCard Manager (Sarah Castleberry) at scastleberry1@uco.edu.  For technical assistance with PaymentNet, please call the number on the back of your card.  J.P. Morgan customer service can also be reached at 1-800-316-60596, or 847-488-3748 outside of the United States and Canada. 

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