Staples Advantage (online only)

A PCard and a login for the Staples Advantage contract website are all that's needed to purchase office supplies.  Online orders placed by 3:00 p.m. are delivered the next business day to your desk!

To request a login to the contract website, contact Lee Foreman,, with Cardholder Name, Email address and Dept. Name, Bldg. & Room Number of department(s) for which purchases will be made.  All office supply purchases must be made online through the Staples Advantage website to receive guaranteed tax exemption.

Apply for / Close a Card Account 

Applying for a PCard

The organization financial manager completes and submits to Administrative Services, at Campus Box 222, the UCO Purchasing Card Application Form.

The PCard Manager will process an application to the bank to request a card.  The requesting cardholder will be notified by email when the card is available.  

  • Each employee may be issued one PCard.

  • The PCard may be used only by the named cardholder.

  • The PCard is for authorized University purchases only - personal use is strictly forbidden.

  • The cardholder is responsible for retaining receipts and/or appropriate documentation for all purchases including those made over the phone or internet. These must be presented for periodic compliance reviews.

  • The financial manager may identify one individual to serve as the primary departmental contact for all questions and transactions related to the PCard. This individual will be responsible for the location, issuance, control and records associated with the PCard(s) issued to your department. Each requesting organizational financial manager is ultimately responsible for maintaining records.

  • It is required that a back-up contact be identified for support when the primary contact is not available. This person may not be the cardholder of record.

Training Requirements

Completion of PCard Training is required for both the cardholder and financial manager/approver before a card is issued and every two years thereafter for card accounts to remain active. 

  • For first time cardholders: Register in the UCO Learning Center for "PCard" located under Instructor Led Training.
  • For cardholders needing the two year refresher training: Register in the UCO Learning Center for "PCard Refresher Course" online module located under UCO Courseware Library, PCard Training
  • For financial managers, or someone who is both a cardholder and financial manager:  "PCard Financial Manager Training" online module under UCO Courseware Library in the UCO Learning Center.

Card Replacement

The PCard is terminated on the last day of the expiration month indicated on the card.  A replacement card will automatically be issued during the expiration month, and the cardholder will be notified by email when it is available for pickup.

Close Account / Change of Employment

When cardholders are transferred or terminated, use of the PCard is no longer authorized. The card should be returned immediately to the PCard Manager for cancellation. Failure to return the card may result in withholding of pay. If an employee transfers to a new assignment, they may apply for a new card account by submitting the PCard Application Form to Campus Box 222. All PCard receipts and other documentation will remain in the department for which the purchases were made.