PCard Security

Lost or Stolen Card:  Cardholders should immediately report lost, misplaced or stolen cards directly to:  JPMorgan Chase Customer Service at 1-800-316-6056. 

Safety Online: JPMorgan Chase does not request or send sensitive information - such as account numbers or passwords - in an unsecured email, or by directing you to an unsecured website.  Do not respond to suspect emails or phone calls.  Instead, immediately contact the bank by calling the number on the back of your card. 

To protect your card information while shopping online, shop only at secured stores whose addresses begin with https. 

PCard Contacts

Have any questions or concerns related to your PCard?  Contact us!


Sarah Castleberry Michelle Turner Brandon Laughlin
PCard Manager PCard Compliance Coordinator PCard Accounting Clerk I
ADM 109 ADM 109 ADM 109
Campus Box 161 Campus Box 161 Campus Box 161
(405) 974-2497 (405) 974-2337 (405) 974-2499
scastleberry1@uco.edu mturner21@uco.edu blaughlin@uco.edu 

Card Issuance, Statement Processing & Expense Account Coding

Anita Schroeder
Jere Stegall
Accounting Clerk II Accounting Clerk II
ADM 142 ADM 142
Campus Box 142 Campus Box 142
(405) 974-2497 (405) 974-2337


JPMorgan Chase

For Customer Service (available 24/7 for JPMC Cardholder Support), please call:

Toll Free: 1-800-316-6056
Collect: 847-488-3748 (Outside the US and Canada)