PCard Training

Training Courses Offered:

PCard Training: All first-time cardholders must take classroom training initially.  Cardholders are required to complete PCard training every two years thereafter, either by classroom or online training. PCard Financial Manager Training: Required for all financial managers every two years. Hotel Training: Required to make any hotel room purchases.
For any questions or concerns regarding PCard training, please email Brandon Laughlin at blaughlin@uco.edu, or call x2499.

Staples Advantage (online only)

A PCard and a login for the Staples Advantage contract website are all that's needed to purchase office supplies.  Online orders placed by 3:00 p.m. are delivered the next business day to your desk!

To request a login to the contract website, contact Lee Foreman, lee.foreman@staples.com, with Cardholder Name, Email address and Dept. Name, Bldg. & Room Number of department(s) for which purchases will be made.  All office supply purchases must be made online through the Staples Advantage website to receive guaranteed tax exemption.

PCard FAQs

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Quick Facts:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply for a PCard?

  • Fill out the PCard Application Form.
  • Register for and attend the PCard Training Class.
  • The approving Financial Manager must complete either the PCard training class or the online module, PCard Financial Manager which can be launched from the UCO Learning Center.

How do I close a card account?

The card should be turned in to the PCard Manager immediately for cancellation or suspension if an employee is terminated or on extended leave.  If an employee has transferred to another campus department, their card account should also be closed.  If a new card account is needed, a PCard Application Form can be submitted. 

What is my daily limit?

Currently, standard card limits only include single transaction and monthly limits.  A daily limit is not in effect.

How do I check the limits and/or the available balance on my card account in PaymentNet?

Click on the My Profile icon.  Click on the Accounts tab.  Click on the account number you wish to view.  The Current Balance and Available Credit are listed just under the Account Number on this page.

How do I request a change in my default organization or account code or a customized card limit?

Default changes and customized limits either higher or lower may be requested by financial managers by sending an email to  scastleberry1@uco.edu. For all change requests, please include specific information including organization number, dollar amount and cardholder name.

Will my use of the PCard affect my personal credit?

The payment history of the card is assigned to the University.

Can we use one card for our department and let anyone use it?

A card is assigned to an individual employee and only that person whose name is embossed on the card may use it.  There is no limit to the number of cards an organization may have at the discretion of the organization financial manager.  Cards may not be issued to or used by student workers.

My supervisor would like for me to join a professional organization. Can I put this on my PCard?

Regardless of which payment method used, memberships paid by the University must be institutional, rather than individual. The only exception is in the case where the membership is required for your position and can also be transferred to the next person to follow after you in that position. This requirement should be documented in your position description.  If the dollar amount is within your limits, you may make this purchase with your PCard.

Do I need a MERF for my food or beverage purchase?

A MERF is required if food or beverage is for consumption in conjunction with an event or meeting, including ice purchased for such events or meetings.  Food purchased for educational purposes such as a class lab or Central Station food preparation and account coded to Educational Supplies does not require a MERF.  The purpose for the food purchase for educational use should be documented on the requisition or in the Notes field for PCard purchases.

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