• Real-time, online access to PCard transactions for review or reallocation.
  • Set up monthly Statement of Account report processing.
  • Login information and/or the Cardholder Quick Reference Guide

          Please contact Sarah Castleberry at with any questions

PCard Training

To register for a course or see a full list of upcoming training, visit the Learning Center

Required courses include:

  • PCard (Classroom Instruction on Guidelines and Procedures) for first time cardholders and subsequently every two years through the Cardholder Refresher Online Module
  • PCard Financial Manager (Online module)

Card Limits:

Standard Purchase Limits

  • $2,499 limit per purchase, effective July 1, 2013.

  • $5,000 limit per monthly UCO billing cycle (From the 6th of the month to the 5th of the following month.) 

Customized limits either higher or lower may be requested by financial managers to Sarah Castleberry at

Any PCard purchases for amounts above these thresholds must be specifically authorized by the PCard Manager.

Splitting Transactions

Splitting transactions to avoid PCard restrictions is not allowed and will result in card suspension or revocation.  Split purchases are multiple transactions within a short period of time that are made to circumvent the cardholder's PCard limit.  A split purchase can occur when the purchases are for 2 or more different ORGs., 2 different events, 2 different programs, and even 2 different cardholders. 

It is not acceptable to instruct a vendor to create two separate transactions in order to circumvent the per purchase limit of $2,499. Any purchase above set card limits must be processed on a purchase order submitted to Procurement Services.

View Card Limits and Current Balance

Login to PaymentNet.  Click on the My Profile icon, then click on the Accounts tab.  Click on the account number you wish to view.  The Single Transaction and Monthly Card Limits are displayed on this page as well as the Current Balance and Available Credit.

Security by Merchant Category Codes

As a protective security measure, and in compliance with commercial card industry best practices, limitations have been placed on UCO PCard accounts based on Merchant Category Codes.  Merchants who fall into high risk or restricted items categories will be excluded from access for transactions on the PCard.

Examples of such groups are:

  • Betting/Track/Casino/Lotto
  • Airlines - Excluded only for the ProCard, not for the Group Travel Card.
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Postage Stamps
  • Pkg Stores/Beer/Wine/Liquor

While this is not an exhaustive list, please be aware that purchases from restricted merchants will be declined.  If an acceptable purchase is declined due to MCC code, please contact the PCard Manager for transaction review and assistance.  As always, cardholders are responsible for avoiding restricted items, even if the merchant will accept the card and processes the transaction.