Record Retention

  • All records must be available for review by compliance staff.
  • Original records must be kept for 7 years.
  • Please contact our Record Retention Officer, located in HR, for offsite storage information.
  • No original records may be destroyed until approved by the Records Retention Officer.

PCard Monthly Statements and Documentation

Receipts and Other Documentation

Detailed receipts for all purchases must be acquired and retained whether the purchase is made in person, by internet or phone.  Receipts must list each item purchased with individual and total amounts as well any other individual charges.  For recurring monthly charges, an original billing should be available for review.

Note:  For transactions from merchants providing detailed receipt data on the monthly bank Statement of Account (e.g. Staples), this statement "receipt" has been approved by our auditors as appropriate documentation.  All other transactions will require that a store receipt be retained.   Any other required documentation, such as a MERF, will still be retained for all transactions.

If a receipt is missing, please fill out a missing receipt form, including appropriate signatures, and retain with your statement. The form does not take the place of the receipt, but is necessary to provide additional information about the transaction.

The following purchases require other documentation be included in addition to the receipt:

  1. Hazardous Materials - Complete the Hazardous Materials Declaration Form online. Print and include with departmental PCard documentation. To learn what materials are considered hazardous, visit the Environmental Health and Safety website.
  2. Registrations - Must include the Prepayment of Registrations Form.
  3. Awards and Trophies - Event must be documented in writing as an established annual awards program.
  4. Meals and Refreshments - May require the Meal and Expense Reimbursement Form.  Do I need a MERF?
  5. Hotels/Lodging - Designated cardholders may make hotel reservations and payment with their PCard.  The following items are required documents for the PCard holder's file:  
    • Lodging receipt showing total amount paid and zero balance.

Organize cardholder departmental records by stapling together:

  • Copy of the monthly Statement of Account (as cover sheet)

  • Detailed receipts and other documentation in the same order as they are listed on the statement

Periodic compliance reviews of PCard records will be conducted.  Failure to maintain and submit required documentation will result in card suspension or revocation.