Look up Account Codes

Organization and account codes may be reallocated when transactions are reviewed in PaymentNet.  It is important to choose the correct account code for each purchase, so an application has been created to help cardholders.  The Expense Account Codes can be viewed by selecting this link.

PCard Training

Training Courses Offered:

PCard Training: All first-time cardholders must take classroom training initially.  Cardholders are required to complete PCard training every two years thereafter, either by classroom or online training. PCard Financial Manager Training: Required for all financial managers every two years. Hotel Training: Required to make any hotel room purchases.
For any questions or concerns regarding PCard training, please email Brandon Laughlin at blaughlin@uco.edu, or call x2499.

Making A Purchase

  1. Review departmental budget(s) for available funds.
  2. Review current UCO contracts for mandatory contracts or recommended vendors.  See Current UCO Contracts.
  3. Determine the correct purchase method for the item needed. 
    • Allowable items $2,499 or less should be purchased by PCard.  See Card Restrictions
    • Items which are restricted from the PCard payment method or cost more than $2,499 must be processed with a Banner requisition submitted to the Purchasing office. 
    • Note:  For purchases less than $2,499 submitted by requisition, the requestor must communicate a reason by checking one of the appropriate boxes at the bottom of the requisition form. 
  4. Consider the following topics when using the PCard payment method:

Sales Tax

As a state agency, all purchases made by the University of Central Oklahoma are Oklahoma sales tax-exempt; therefore, the cardholder must request that tax be deleted from the transaction.   The permit number is embossed on the PCard under the cardholder's name. 

Always check the charge slip before signing it. If tax is charged, the cardholder has the responsibility to contact the vendor and request a credit be issued for the tax amount. If a credit is not issued and tax is included, the cardholder is liable for the amount of the tax.  Tax amounts may be reimbursed by deposit at the Bursar Counter in the Nigh University Center.

Ownership & Delivery of Goods Purchased

The Owner of Record is your department and the University of Central Oklahoma. When identifying information is requested by a supplier, the information given should indicate that all goods and services are being sold to a particular University department in care of the cardholder. 

Delivery Address

All tangible items must be delivered to a University address. Use of home addresses for University purchases is not allowed. The University address must include the cardholder's name, building and room number. Central Receiving must have this information in order to identify the item for efficient delivery to your campus address.

Disputes & Refunds

The department shall settle any and all disputes directly with the vendor. If the dispute is not resolved, please contact JPMorganChase at 800-316-6056 for assistance or submit the dispute online in PaymentNet.  The cardholder has 60 days from the date the original purchase was made to dispute a transaction.  If a credit refund is issued, the department is to instruct the vendor to issue a credit to the original cardholder's PCard number.  If the transaction is disputed through the bank, a temporary credit will be applied to the account and the bank will work with the vendor to settle the dispute either in favor of the cardholder or vendor.