Vendor  Problems?

Did you know if you have any concerns, problems or issues with vendors offering goods and services to the University, you can report these issues to, to handle and resolve?  Utilize the Vendor Performance Quality Report to communicate effectively and allow the vendor opportunity to resolve the issue.  

UCO Current Contracts - Quick Links



Adobe Software Purchases


Apple (AppleCare Required)

Audio Visual

Audio/Visual Rental


Audio/Visual Standards


Campus Standard Brands


Car & Van Rental


Catering Services


Charter Bus Contracts

Copy Paper  

Copy Paper


Custodial Services


Dell Computers


Document Destruction


Employee Relocation Movers

Golf Cart

Golf Cart Contract List


Great Plains Coca-Cola



Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Pest Control

Pest Control Services

Software Acquisitions

Software Acquisitions


Standley Systems


Temporary Staffing


T-Shirts & Screenprinting


UCO Logo Licensing


Video Security Surveillance


**Campus Customers:  Please note there are some contracts which require a quote to show good will towards a competitively bid contract or a Vendor partner on campus.  Quotes should always be sought from the Central Print Shop (RK Black) and from Sportdecals (T-Shirts ONLY).  Requisitions without these quotes shall be returned to the department for the necessary quotes from these two vendors.  Thank you.**

UCO Mandatory Contracts

Adobe Software Purchases

Adobe for Departments

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The University of Central Oklahoma's Office of Information Technology has entered into an agreement with Apple to become an Apple Authorized Campus Store.  To assist the University in meeting its contractual requirements with Apple, a new procedure for UCO purchases of all Apple products and services has been created.  

       1. Central Tech Store will serve as the vendor for all University of Central Oklahoma purchases of Apple products and/or services.  No UCO purchases will be made through other Apple resellers, or Apple Education.

       2. All University purchases will be made with a UCO purchase order with the vendor noted as Central Tech Store.  PCards may be used for Apple purchases with the standard PCard Restrictions applicable. 

       3. Process for UCO purchases of Apple products and services  - Effective July 1, 2010.

       4. See the Central Tech Store for information to help generate a quote.  Attach the quote to the requisition made out to the Central Tech Store and send the paperwork to the Purchasing Department.

       5. AppleCare is required for all University-ownded iPads.

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Great Plains Coca Cola Pricing

GP Coca-Cola Rep:  Jason Summers  Ph:  405-280-2344  Fax:  405-951-6100

Helpful Hints:

1. If a machine is not working properly, seek out the asset number on the machine (5-digit number on the GPCC sticker on the machine), call 1-800-280-2000 and report the machine describing the problem - the more information offered about the lack of service, the better the service technician can pinpoint the problem.  If a problem has already been reported and the machine is not fixed through the 1-800 number and it appears the machine is not being worked on, contact Kassie Sweeney at 974-2737.  Provide the same 5-digit machine number to Kassie along with the details regarding the problem and the dates of previously reported incidents.

2.  To order product (via ProCard or PO), a contact name, phone number, fax number and email address is needed by GPCC.  If the department doesn't have an account, Jason Summers will need to be contacted to meet with the department to set up an account. 

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To generate quotes for Dell hardware, you will need to have access to the Dell Premier store (  If you do not already have access to our Dell Premier store, contact Eric Robinson via email ( and request UCO 'shopper' access.  All quotes for Dell equipment should be created via UCO's Dell Premier site or Rob Taute; please discontinue use of any alternate means of generating quotes for Dell hardware, as the pricing within UCO's Dell Premier site should be lower than any publicly available pricing at current time.  If you need help, please contact the Office of Information Technology for assistance. 

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Standley Systems

The campus-wide contract with Standley Systems for multifunction printers is effective from September 2009 through September 2019.  The contract will enable the campus to have one vendor for all printers, copiers, fax machines and MFP's with the 5 year lease cost per equipment piece including the lease of the equipment, maintenance and toner.  With toner for Savin equipment included in the monthly lease cost, stocked toner bins have now been put on campus in designated areas.  If you need toner, call the service phone number located on the Savin equipment and offer your name, phone number, building and room number and the 5 digit ID number on your piece of equipment which is located in the upper right hand corner of all Savin equipment on a silver plaque.  Toner will be hand delivered to your department within 24 hours of the phone call. Requesting two toners will allow departments to have a spare on hand, and replacements should be ordered when the spare has to be utilized.

The following documents are examples to help campus customers create requisitions to renew yearly Savin equipment leases and create new Savin equipment leases.  To print the example documents with the red mark up boxes which assist in creating the requisition, the campus customer should select the printer block or select File/Print.  When the gray print box appears, before selecting OK, go to the section of the gray print box noted as "COMMENTS AND FORMS" and in the drop down box, select "Document and Mark Ups".  This selection will allow the helpful red mark up directives to print on your hard copy.

Sample Requisition for New Leases for Savin Printers
Sample Requisition for Renewal Leases for Savin Printers

For a price quote, please contact:
Standley Rep: Cindy Wooldridge | | Ph: 405-615-3093 

Standley Installation and Information Sheet

Contact Information:

Contract Renewals:

  • Standley will notify you in advance of your contract expiration to offer an extension on your current machine or a new contract on a replacement machine
  • Standley will provide you with a New Machine/Extension form via email - complete the highlighted areas and send the completed form to Charlene Wiles at for Purchasing Director's review and signature

Click here for an example of the New Machine/Extension form

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Staples Advantage

The preferred vendor for all office supplies is Staples, effective January 1, 2013.  Orders can only be placed by UCO Campus Customers on the following website to insure appropriately discounted office supplies and tax-free purchases:

The campus-wide contract includes a core item list which has been priced at the greatest discount to the University.  The core items are flagged on the Staples Advantage website which indicates the very best value and cost for UCO.  Minimum order volume is $35.00 with desktop delivery. 

Staples Advantage has furniture on the OU Furniture Contract R-10122-10.  Email the account manager for any needed quote.

Staples Advantage has offered copy paper costs at a more competitive cost than the Clampitt SW contract:

  Product #135848  PRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 3/17/14 $33.49
  Product #833860 represents ten (10) cartons PRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 3/17/14  $314.50
  Product #134848PAL represents forty (40) cartons PRICE INCREASE EFFECTIVE 3/17/14  $1,220.00

If ordering single cartons up to a quantity of nine (9) cartons, use product code #135848.  Each carton cost from 1 – 9 is $33.49 each.  

If ordering a quantity of ten (10) cartons, in using product code #833860, there is a discounted cost offered.  Total cost for the ten cartons is $314.50 which offers UCO a single carton cost of $31.45 and a $2.04 per carton discounted cost. 

If ordering a quantity of forty (40) cartons, in using product code #134848PAL, there is an additional discounted cost offered.  Total cost for the forty cartons is $1,220.00 which offers UCO a single carton cost of $30.50 and a $2.99 per carton discounted cost.

Staples Account Manager:  Lee Foreman   Cell: 405-317-8854   Office: 405-943-6310

Quotes can be sought from Lee Foreman or David Patry at

Copy paper should be ordered from Staples Advantage.  See Office Supplies:  Staples Advantage Contract. 

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WFF Custodial

Building Performance Specifications

Custodial Performance Specifications for WFF

Customer Service Report (CSR)

Calendar Year 2014 - Building Captain Meeting Notes
April 22, 2014 Meeting Notes

May 28, 2014 Meeting Notes

June 24, 2014 Meeting Notes

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UCO Approved Vendors

Charter Bus (OU Contract)

Utilizing OU Contract - Reference OU-R16001-16, current through 6/30/2016 - Ask vendors to quote this contract and reference contract and term on requisitions

Village Charter  Rusty Handy   Ph:  405-427-8688

Red Carpet Charters    Susan Stillwell   Ph: 405-672-5100

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Chartwells Food Service

UCO Dining Services provided by Chartwells is the contracted food service provider for the University of Central Oklahoma and, as such, has been a significant business partner since 1998.  Over the years, the partnership between Chartwells and UCO has led to a significant financial return to the university, enhanced quality of dining options provided for the campus community, the construction of future dining facilities, and increased direct student support in the form of wages and scholarships. 

The campus-wide contract with Chartwells on the UCO campus is effective July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2034. This contract includes all catering services for the University.  In an effort to be a strong and collaborative partner, Chartwells has allowed exceptions to the exclusivity as follows:

  • Student Organization events held in the Nigh University Center have the right to seek other licensed food vendor quotes for food and beverage snack expenditures of less than $200.  Chartwells offers student organizations the convenience of an on-campus catering team and a “No Frills Catering Guide”, which is a student priced catering menu designed to provide food services for special student events at a minimal cost.
  • University sponsored events held outside the Nigh University Center are asked to give Chartwells the opportunity to cater their events, but have the right to seek other licensed food vendors.
  • External customer events held outside the Nigh University Center are asked to give Chartwells the opportunity to cater their events, but have the right to seek other licensed food vendors.

All other events give Chartwells exclusivity for Catering.  Specifically, Faculty/Staff or external customer events held in the Nigh University Center are included in that exclusivity.

Catering guides and menus can be located on the Conference & Events website.  The food service contract terms and conditions are applicable to food/beverage/catering ProCard purchases.  Special quotes or requests are available by contacting the UCO Conference and Events office at 974-2244 or 974-2358.

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Cory's Audio Visual

Effective 3/19/2013, UCO has awarded an Audio Video Rental Contract for campus use to Cory's Audio Visual.  This is a multi-year contract with four optional 1-year renewals through 3/18/2018.  When quoting with Cory's Audio Visual with this competitively bid contract, campus customers only need to ask Cory's to quote per RFP 2013P104 for rental of audio visual equipment, to include manpower.  The itemized quote and requisition should reflect this contract number.  This contract does include items such as chairs and stages, as well as the audio video equipment and service.  No additional quotes are needed when utilizing this RFP 2013P104 contract.  Please find the Cory's AV RFP 2013P104 Rental List for review.   Contact information for Cory's AV is as follows:
Bart Wells       405-682-8800

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Employee Relocation Movers (OSU contract)

At this time, UCO utilizes the vendor listing of preferred movers from the OSU contract OS052580GLK.  

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Enterprise Rentals

UCO Risk Management Accident Information Form for UCO Employees renting vehicles for work related purposes.

Enterprise Rentals

Going forward you will use Contract ID XZ51K16 for all rentals at Enterprise and National Car Rental.
EFFECTIVE April 28, 2015:  Enterprise located at 13 West 15th street has moved and all UCO vehicle rentals will be picked up at 3700 S. Broadway, Edmond.

Utilize the ENTER clause on requisitions for Enterprise rentals.

NEW Enterprise Rent-A-Car Rates Effective July 1, 2016

Enterprise Rent-A-Truck - Rates Effective September 15, 2011

When renting vehicles from Enterprise, the policy for re-fueling the rental vehicles is to replace what you use.  If the gas tank is only half full when the vehicle is rented, it only needs to be returned with the tank half full.  It the tank is full when rented, it must be returned as such upon returning the vehicle.  Always note the gas level and document it on the rental paperwork before you leave Enterprise.  Equipment installed on vehicles will not be changed in any way.  Travel hitches or devices for carrying baggage or equipment on the top of rental vehicles are not authorized under this contract. EFFECTIVE 4/30/2014 FROM ENTERPRISE CAR RENTALS:  Change in rental protocol.  Going forward from 4/30/14, Enterprise's standard procedure shall be to charge the University for rental from the time the vehicle is rented until the time the vehicle is returned during business hours.  If vehicles are returned in the evening, after Enterprise business hours, UCO will be charged for the next day rental when the rental car can be properly checked in to Enterprise during business hours, with keys in their hands and inventory of the vehicle taken and noted back in their possession. 

Enterprise Example Requisition for Guidance

Enterprise Area Manager:  Elise Sperakos  805-235-5642
Branch Manager:  Jarod Armstrong -
Assistant Manager:  Shanna Dixon -
Assistant Manager:  Brian Armstrong -
Branch Phone Number:  405-844-6700
Effective 1/6/14

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Fairfield Inn & Suites (Edmond)



The University of Central Oklahoma

Hotel Accommodations

The university has and continues to host many domestic and international speakers, professors and guest for various programs, seminars and other business related activities held on the main campus. When overnight accommodations are needed, it is paramount that safety and comfort of our guest remain foremost when choosing those accommodations. To ensure a consistent standard and ease of billing the university has partnered with the:

Fairfield Inn & Suite (FAIINN)

301 Meline Drive

Edmond, Oklahoma 73034

Reservations can be made by calling 405-341-4818 and asking for the “UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA” rate. In the event the front desk tells you the rate is not available, please ask for Amy Jordan or email with your request. Once your reservation is made, please send the hotel a copy of your Purchase Order.  Reservations without a copy of your Purchase Order will not be checked in.

Other accommodations outside the above mentioned hotel will not be allowed, unless room nights are not available. The normal room night rate is $97.00 and will always include an upgrade when availability permits. To make reservations and ensure conformation of reservations, a Purchase Order number will be required. Those reservations without a purchase order number will not be confirmed. Should you have any question feel free to contact the Procurement Services offices at 974-3340.

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Justice Golf Carts & Utility Vehicles

Justice Golf Cart Pricing

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Millennium Personnel

MILLENNIUM PERSONNEL Contract RFP 2014P111 shall replace Advantage Staffing contract effective 7/1/2014 with the term of the contract being 7/1/2014 - 6/30/2015 w/ four possible 1-year renewal options through 6/30/2019

Millennium Personnel will be able to both source and/or payroll individuals who fall into the "temporary staffing agency employee" category (see atypical employee definitions and procedures for additional information).  The Administrative Fee mark-up percentage for use of this contract has been negotiated at 29% with a 2% 10, N45 cash discount term. Millennium Personnel offices in the metro area and the close proximity will better serve UCO in the registration of personnel.  Per the Millennium Personnel link, a section has been provided specifically for UCO. 

As a result of the new contract, current temporary employees working at UCO under the Advantage Staffing contract must re-sign under the Millennium Personnel contract.  This may be done by seeking the Millennium Personnel website link for UCO.  For questions regarding this process, please find the following contact information:
  David Herd, UCO Manager of Talent Acquisition     405-974-3650    Campus Box 175
  Millennium Personnel primary contact:  Regina Duvall    405-721-5252    Fax:  405-721-5259
  Millennium Personnel secondary contact:  Cassie Miller
  Millennium Personnel sales contact:  Gina White  (cell phone 405-826-8188)

Millennium Pricing Information
Millennium Temp-Hire Addendum
Millennium Direct Hire Information

Millennium Personnel Office Information:
Phone: 405-721-5252
Fax:  405-721-5259
Address:  13924 Quail Pointe Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73134

All UCO Purchase Orders must reference the Millennium contract number and term if they exceed $2499.00.

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Schendel Pest Services

November 1, 2010, pest control service was awarded to Schendel Pest Services.  Any concerns regarding pest control on campus should be handled through a Physical Plant work order. 

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RFP 2016P108 for price comparison and cost comparison.  Campus Customers must seek quote for comparison pricing on t-shirt orders over $2,499.  Requisitions not having a quote from this contract will be returned to campus customers.


Rep:  Michelle Schafer  Ph: 800-435-6110 ext. 295

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The Meadows

Document destruction services are available locally from The Meadows Center for Opportunity, which is a State Use Vendor.  The Meadows is a non-profit sheltered workshop which provides persons with developmental disabilities the opportunity to work, socialize and focus on a positive future. ProCards are an accepted form of payment.  For any other information, please visit their website at:

The Meadows Price List

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Tyco SimplexGrinnell

Effective 4/1/2014, UCO has awarded a campus standard video security surveillance contract to Tyco SimplexGrinnell.  Any department on campus seeking information about video security surveillance should contact Trey Healey at ext. 5442 or email

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UCO Branding & Licensing Standards

Campus Standard Brands

The attached list of Campus Standard Brands reflects brands and vendors which have been standardized on the UCO Campus. 

The attached list has been published by The Office of Information Technology for Audio Video (AV) Standards

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Campus Audio/Visual Standards

The attached list of Campus Standard Brands reflects brands and vendors which have been standardized on the UCO Campus. 

The attached list has been published by The Office of Information Technology for Audio Video (AV) Standards

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Learfield Licensing Partners

UCO has teamed with Learfield Licensing Partners to establish a licensing program for UCO approved logo use on products such as advertisements (materials print-wise produced from the office of University Communications or other areas on campus are not subject to approval through Learfield updated 9/10/13), t-shirts and promotional/swag products.  Before processing any acquisition for items with UCO logos, please consult the Learfield Licensed Vendor Listing to assure the Vendor has been appropriately licensed. If the Vendor intended for use is not listed, please have them contact our Learfield Licensing representative, Tayler Sandberg, at, (317) 663-7437, or (317) 669-0808.

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Software Acquisitions

All software acquisitions and purchases must be approved by Information Technology prior to the requisition being sent to the Purchasing Department.  Approval should be sought through the I/T Support Help Desk, and the written approval should be attached to the requisition along with all other required documentation to support the acquisition, as per law and policy requirements. Further, Sonya Watkins has delegated authority to approve and execute original software contracts and subsequent renewals up to and including $10,000, on behalf of the University.  Departments shall be responsible for seeking Ms. Watkins' approval and signature on the contract before sending any requisition or other paperwork to the Purchasing Department for the processing of the purchase order.

Delegation Letter

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