Vendors Removed from UCO Bidder List

A vendor can be removed from the bidder list or dismissed from the UCO Campus when performance issues or quality issues are reported on the Vendor Quality Performance Report Form to the Director of Purchasing.  A vendor is given the opportunity to respond in writing to cure any problem issues.

Information for Vendors

Vendors need to complete the necessary documents to be added to the UCO Bidder List.  Vendors must be familiar with the UCO Standard Terms and Conditions which govern all Purchase Order Contracts.

NEW VENDORS to include independent contractors, guest speakers and entertainment contracts must submit the W-9 form with information to include contact name, email address and phone number.  This information is now required by UCO to be in compliance with Oklahoma State Statute and HB 1086 which require that "payments disbursed from the State Treasury shall be conveyed solely through an electronic payment mechanism".  To comply, after a vendor is established, the Purchasing Department will send out a letter via email offering instructions for the vendor to update payment information through a secure vendor portal.

Vendors Registered as Independent Contractors with Service Agreements on file for current fiscal year

How do I get on UCO's Bidder List?

Complete the Vendor Application and send the completed form, along with a completed W-9 Form, to the address noted on the application.  Your application will be reviewed and processed if all information required has been received.  Once approved, your company will be added to the UCO Bidder List.

How do I know when solicitations are posted? 

If your company is on the UCO Bidder List, any solicitation for the commodity sold or service offered will be faxed or emailed to the fax number and/or email address noted on your Vendor Application.  Also, all solicitations are posted on this website under the Current Solicitation tab.  The University also utilizes the e-Purchasing system through FINDRFP.COM

Vendor Appointments

Drop in vendor visits are unacceptable.  If you would like to schedule time to meet with the Director of Purchasing, please email and state the purpose of your potential visit.

How do I know when an award is made on a solicitation?  How do I know when an existing UCO contract ends?

Click here to review Current UCO Contracts and Recent Awards

UCO Logo Use - Licensed Vendors

UCO has teamed with Learfield Licensing Partners to establish a licensing program for UCO approved logo use on produced products such as advertising, t-shirts and promotional/swag items.  Vendors seeking such licensing should contact Tayler Sandberg at 317-669-0808 or via email at

Current Licensed Vendor Listing

Bid Protest

Bid Protest Process