UCO Purchasing - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a requisition number after I have completed it online?

Go back to FPAREQN and click on the blue magnifying glass.  At the validation page, do a "clear screen" or Enter Query (F7).  Under request number, type in "R11%"; for fiscal year "11".  Under the Requestor, type in your first or last name (i.e. Wiles% or %Charlene).  Click on Execute or (F8).  This will bring up all FY 2011 requisitions under your name; scroll down to the last one and that will be the latest you created.

How do I process hotel expenses that I want to be direct paid by the University?

Hotels accommodations are processed on a requisition through the travel office.  A complete requisition, copy of the conference agenda which should include dates, conference rate, and a copy of the hotels W-9 if not previously used.

Where can I find UCO's W-9?

Under Administration, Documents and Forms, Accounting.