UCO Travel Compliance Office

BronchoTravel (powered by SAP Concur) is currently used to manage all UCO Individual Travel and travel-related expenses.  Faculty and staff who travel can use BronchoTravel ( to request travel authorizations, book travel, and reconcile travel expenses.  If you have any questions concerning travel, contact the UCO Travel Compliance Office at or 405-974-3737.  Information about UCO's old travel system, Banner TEM, can be found here or simply click on "Old TEM Page" in the blue section on the top left side of this page.


Sign up for Concur Travel Training or a Concur Open Lab in the UCO Learning Center for more information about how to request, book, and expense travel.  You can also view the training presentation.  Quick guides for navigating the system, setting up your profile, creating travel requests, booking travel, and expensing travel will be available soon.

**NEW** UCO Individual Travel Card 

Application Process

The organization financial manager completes and submits to Administrative Services, at Campus Box 161, the UCO Individual Travel Card Application Form.

The Travel Office will process the application and the cardholder or designated department administrator will be notified by email when the card is available.  

  • Faculty and staff that travel or will have travel related expenses will be issued one UCO Individual Travel Card upon completion of training and receipt of application to be used for all travel related expenses; excluding any rate-based expenses such as per diem, mileage, and private lodging.

  • The UCO Individual Travel Card is for authorized University purchases only - personal use is strictly prohibited.  The UCO individual Travel Card can be used for, but is not limited to airfare, hotel, registration, local transportation, and parking; however, anything rate based (i.e. meals, mileage, and private lodging) must be paid out of pocket and get reimbursed.
  • The cardholder is responsible for retaining receipts and/or appropriate documentation for all purchases including those made over the phone or internet. These must be presented for periodic compliance reviews.

  • The financial manager may identify one individual to serve as the primary departmental contact for all questions and transactions related to the UCO Individual Travel Card. This individual will be responsible for the location, issuance, control and records associated with the UCO Individual Travel Card(s) issued to your department.

  • It is required that a back-up contact be identified for support when the primary contact is not available. This person may not be the cardholder of record.

Training Requirements

UCO Individual Travel Card Training: All first-time cardholders must take classroom training initially.  Cardholders are required to complete UCO Individual Travel Card training every two years (subject to change) thereafter, either by classroom or online training. Click here to see the powerpoint used in training.

For any questions regarding UCO Individual Travel Card training, please email or call x3737.  Please log into the Learning Center (search Concur) to sign up for an upcoming training.  There will also be open labs available starting in July, 2019 to sign up for as well.

Card Replacement

The UCO Individual Travel Card is terminated on the last day of the expiration month indicated on the card.  A replacement card will automatically be issued during the expiration month, and the cardholder or designated department administrator will be notified by email when it is available for pickup.

Closing an Account

When cardholders are transferred or terminated, use of the UCO Individual Travel Card is no longer authorized. The card should be returned immediately to the Travel Office for cancellation. Failure to return the card may result in withholding of pay.