Events and Activities

The goal is to have a successful and fun event without any injury or damage. Risk Management is about planning and good decision making. Planning is an important step.  A useful tool in planning your event is the Event & Activity Planning Risk Assessment Matrix.  After completing the matrix, contact Risk Management (preferably at least 30 days in advance). Each event or activity is unique. All events and activities should be carefully evaluated before finalizing your plans.  Some events and activities are routine and low risk and can generally be conducted with little formality.  Moderate risk events and activities generally require a higher standard of review, and a more comprehensive assessment and plan of risk management.  Higher risk events and activities generally require the highest standard of review and more in depth assessment and planning. Other areas that you should contact regarding your event or activity:  Legal Office, Facilities Management, Code Compliance, Safety Operations, Purchasing, Police Services, and Transportation & Parking.  The most common documents needed are a Certificate of Liability Insurance (with UCO named as Certificate Holder) and Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless.  For specific guidelines, please view the UCO EHS Guidelines page. If you have questions, please call Risk Management at 974-5994.

Event & Activity Planning Risk Assessment Matrix

Event & Activity Planning Risk Assessment Matrix Instructions

Certificate of Liability Insurance (SAMPLE)

Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless (On Campus)

Waiver and Release of Liability (Off Campus)

Oklahoma DOL Inspection Report (SAMPLE)

TULIP (Tenant User Liability Insurance Policy)   

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