Food Guidelines

Forgetting about food safety is a recipe for disaster.  Food poisoning not only sends more than 100,000 people to the hospital each year in the United States – it can also have long-term health consequences.  It is important to practice safe food preparation and handling. Please read through below to help prepare your event involving food.

*Hot Plates and crockpots are permitted, but make sure they sit on a dry, table surface.  Keep them safely away from combustible materials like napkins, centerpieces, curtains, and any kind of flammable liquid.  Unplug them when they are not in use.

*Sterno is permitted only when used by University Catering.

*If Chartwells is not used (approval needed), a sign must be visible near the food being served.  If using a restaurant/vendor, please indicate on the signage their name.  If individual, group, or organization prepared the food, the sign must state: “The food has not been prepared in a kitchen that is subject to regulation and inspection by the State of Oklahoma, the County Health Department of Oklahoma County and/or the City of Edmond.”  This sign may be obtained through Nigh University Center's Conference & Events department.

*Food trucks must have a Oklahoma State Department of Health Mobile Food License.

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Food Safety Guidelines

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