Workers' Compensation 

For questions or additional information please contact the UCO Risk Management office at (405) 974-5994.Person holding first aid kit

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Why Report? 
  • Failure to report an injury/illness in a timely manner could legally result in your loss of benefits. UCO requires that you report every injury, regardless of how minor it is, to your supervisor immediately.
  • Departmental management must (1) have knowledge of workplace hazards, (2) ensure that you are performing your job safely, and (3) help you obtain the medical treatment that you may need.

Reporting an Injury


***For life threatening injuries, limb threatening injuries, or serious chemical exposures, call 911***

1. If you experience an injury or illness within the scope of your employment, please contact UCO Risk Management at (405) 974-5994 during regular business hours. After hours, call University Police Services at (405) 974-2345.  You must obtain pre-authorization before going to the medical treatment facility (unless it is an emergency - go directly to the closest Emergency Room).

2. All injuries are to be reported to the Supervisor/Designee and the UCO Risk Manager within 24 hours, even if the employee declines treatment.

3. UCO Risk Management will coordinate the following steps:

  • If the employee requests or needs medical treatment, UCO Risk Management will authorize treatment with the approved medical facility (see below).  When checking in, a photo I.D. will be needed. 
  • The supervisor shall arrange transportation for the employee, if necessary.
  • If the injured employee declines medical treatment, the refusal will be documented and the employee will be instructed to notify the UCO Risk Manager if medical treatment is needed at a later time.
  • UCO's Risk Management will send in the necessary forms to the Workers Compensation Administrator, Consolidated Benefits Resources (CBR).

4. If no medical treatment is needed, the employee shall complete the Occupational Injury & Illness Report form and submit to UCO Risk Management within 24 hours of incident.

5. If medical treatment is needed, the employee shall complete the Consent for Release of Protected Health Information and the Mandatory Medicare Reporting Requirement Form.  Both the employee and supervisor shall complete the Occupational Injury & Illness Report form.  Required forms may be requested from UCO Risk Management or found on this UCO Workers' Compensation web site under documents and forms link at the top of this page.  All forms shall be submitted to UCO Risk Management within 24 hours of the medical evaluation if possible. 

6. If there are witnesses to the incident, the Witness/Co-Workers Statement shall be completed and submitted to UCO Risk Management within 24 hours of the incident.

7. Forward any medical or physician's statements to UCO Risk Management.  If work restrictions are given, the restrictions will stay in place until UCO receives a physician's statement releasing the work restrictions. Employee must follow treatment plan and attend all scheduled appointments or claim could be denied.

8.  The time used for a medical appointment for a work related injury will be counted as paid administrative leave.  If there are questions on how to notate this time on timesheets, please contact Tamra Kitsmiller in Payroll.

9. The Workers' Compensation Administrator, Consolidated Benefit Resources (CBR), will send additional forms and follow up with employee.  Please keep all prescription receipts for reimbursement through Consolidated Benefit Resources.

Work Related Injuries Approved Treatment Centers

Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm

McBride Clinic Edmond - Occupational Medicine

3406 S. Boulevard

Edmond, OK 73013

(405) 230-9700

Monday-Friday (after business hours) & Weekends/Holidays

McBride Hospital Emergency Room

9600 N. Broadway Extension

Oklahoma City, OK 73114

(405) 486-2140

Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm

McBride Clinic  - Occupational Medicine West

4901 W. Reno

Oklahoma City, OK 73127

(405) 230-9250

Life Threatening/Limb Threatening/Emergencies

OU Medical Center Edmond Emergency Department Map

1 South Bryant

Edmond, OK 73034

(405) 341-6100

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