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Central Alert

Central Alert is the emergency notification system that allows UCO officials to send news and instructions simultaneously to individuals through landline phones, text messaging, and e-mail.  The benefits of the Central Alert system are its immediacy and direct access to individual campus members through multiple points of contact.

Central Alert complements tools the university already has in place to respond to a range of emergencies that may include weather-related closing, environmental health crises, public safety incidents, and other unique emergencies.  In the event of an actual emergency, the university will continue to relay critical information using the most appropriate options from our full range of notification resources: Central Alert, Web announcements, e-mail, an automated message line, the local radio/TV stations, door-to-door notifications, and posters. Central Alert will not be used for weather-related campus closings except for those individuals who opt-in to receive these messages via text message only.

Students, faculty, and staff are automatically in the Central Alert system, based on Personal Information provided to the university. It is the responsibility of the student or employee to keep his/her telephone numbers up-to-date. When a Central Alert is issued, a phone number will only be called once, so do not be concerned if your number(s) are listed multiple times. Please be aware that there may be a charge from your cell phone provider for each text message received. You may "opt-out" of providing alternate email, cell phone, and text message numbers for Central Alert. Please understand that if you choose to opt-out, you will not receive emergency notifications provided by the University.

All Central Alert information should be updated in UCONNECT on the Student Information or Employee tab. Employees must also update/confirm contact information (e.g. address, phone number, etc.) in Paycom.