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University Police 

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Hours of Operation: 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week

In case of Emergency:

UCO Police - (405) 974-2345 or    9-1-1

For ALL Medical Emergencies call 9-1-1. UCO Police will be contacted in the event of a medical emergency on campus. For your safety it is best to contact medical services ASAP.

If you need to speak with an Officer in person you can visit the station at any time. The University Police building is located west of the Education building, along University Drive, on the west side of the main campus.

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Motorist Assist

Vehicle Impound

Annual Security Report


 Frequently Asked Questions

Are you real police officers?

Yes. All of the police officers at University of Central Oklahoma are state certified officers with all powers bestowed upon other municipalities. Therefor UCO Police may:

  • Arrest
  • Write Citations – Both City of Edmond and State
  • Impound Vehicles

Can you unlock my vehicle?

 Yes, if you have permission from the registered owner of the vehicle. UCO Police can assist in gaining access to your vehicle as well as jumping your vehicle, and assisting with changing flat tires (you must have all equipment necessary to change the tire – wrench, jack, etc.) When performing motorist assists Officers will respond in a timely fashion based on current call volume.  Also, UCO Police will only perform motorist assists on University property, which does include parking lots owned by UCO that do not directly border campus.

Where do I pay a parking ticket?

Unless specifically stated on the ticket UCO Police does not issue parking tickets. All parking tickets issued by the Department of Parking Services can be taken care of on the 3rd floor of the Nigh University Center. Any questions related to said parking tickets can be addressed by calling 405-974-2780 between the hours of 8 am-5 pm Monday- Friday.

Can I drink on campus?

No. UCO is a dry campus, even if you are of legal drinking age there is no alcohol permitted on UCO property.

Can I smoke on campus?

No. UCO is a tobacco free campus meaning no tobacco of any kind is permitted s. The use of vapor cigarettes is also no longer permitted on state property. You are also not permitted to sit in your vehicle in a UCO parking lot and smoke.