Call 405-974-2345 or 9-1-1
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Fax: 405-974-3872
Located on the west side of main campus along University Drive, west of the Education Building.
Jeff Harp
Executive Director/Chief of Police

Julius Adkins
Captain (Operations Commander)
Broncho Five-O: 974-FIVE (3483)





For ALL Medical Emergencies, call 9-1-1. UCO Police will be contacted in the event of a medical emergency on campus. For your safety it is best to contact medical services ASAP.

If you need to speak with an Officer in person you can visit the station at any time, located here.


Information to know:

 Office of Student Conduct – Lillard Administration Building Room #211

100 N. University Dr. Edmond OK 73034

Phone – (405) 974.2361

Email –



  • Inappropriate behavior imposed upon the victim
  • Behavior that causes the victim to feel violate
  • ONE instance constitutes sexual harassment

Your Response:

  • Clearly inform the other person that you wish to be left alone
  • REPORT the person to the appropriate authorities


Behavior intended to for the victim into submission

Two best ways to deal with intimidators

  • Resolve
  • Retreat and Report


Behavior intended to force contact on the subject in order to establish or maintain a relationship

Common Mistakes

  • I’m NOT going to report it because I don’t want him/her to get in trouble
  • I’m NOT going to report it because I am afraid it will just make it worse

Did You Know?

  • Persons 18-24 experience the highest rate of stalking
  • 3 in 4 victims are stalked by someone they know
  • 25% of victims are stalked via technology like email and texting

Recognizing stalking behaviors

  • Unwanted phone calls, text messages, e-mail or letters
  • Following or spying on the victim
  • Showing up at places without a legitimate reason to be there
  • Leaving unwanted items, presents or flowers

What you SHOULD do:

  • Take the threat seriously
  • IMMEDIATELY tell a friend, co-worker, family member or the police
  • Keep ALL phone messages, gifts, e-mails, letters etc. sent by the individual
  • Make detailed notes about the dates, times, and places of threats

What you SHOULD NOT do:

  • Walk through secluded areas alone
  • Meet with the stalker
  • Share information via social media
  • Try to reason with the stalker
  • Respond to any calls, texts or e-mails from the stalker

Victim’s Protective Order

What is a VPO?

A court order for the person who is abusing, harassing or stalking you to STOP

Against whom may you obtain a VPO?

Any blood relative or person with whom you have had a domestic or dating relationship

What a VPO CAN order the abuser to do:

  • Stop abusing, threatening, stalking or harassing you
  • Not contact you
  • Pay Attorney’s fees
  • Surrender firearms to authorities
  • Attend counseling
  • Vacate a home that he/she shares with you

What a VPO CANNOT do:


  • Custody of children
  • Financial Assistance
  • Child Support
  • Property

A VPO cannot help you until the papers have been served to the abuser. If you have a VPO against any individual please bring a copy to the University Police building located west of the Education building for our records.