About UCO Police

"Our mission is to serve, support and protect the University of Central Oklahoma community"

  • Comprehensive police department operating 24/7

  • Seventeen CLEET certified armed police officers

  • Police officers respond to emergencies, investigate crimes and write official police reports for incidents (criminal and non-criminal)

  • Police officers are commissioned by the State of Oklahoma, City of Edmond and the University fo Central Oklahoma

  • Jurisdiction includes all campus property and designated adjacent areas

  • Police officers enforce traffic laws on campus property and on city streets as defined by the jurisdictional agreement with the City of Edmond

  • Six OLETS certified communications specialists who operate police radio equipment, monitor campus alarm systems, operate the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System terminal and maintain internal records systems

UCO police officers serve the campus community in the same manner and with the same authority and responsibility as other local law enforcement agencies