Call 405-974-2345 or 9-1-1
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Fax: 405-974-3872
Located on the west side of main campus along University Drive, west of the Education Building.
Jeff Harp
Executive Director/Chief of Police

Julius Adkins
Captain (Operations Commander)
Broncho Five-O: 974-FIVE (3483)





For ALL Medical Emergencies, call 9-1-1. UCO Police will be contacted in the event of a medical emergency on campus. For your safety it is best to contact medical services ASAP.

If you need to speak with an Officer in person you can visit the station at any time, located here.

Motorist Assist

UCO Police will respond for motorist assists in a timely fashion decided by the current call volume. Please be patient.

UCO Police offers three services to individuals for their vehicles on UCO Property in Edmond. You can call 405-974-2345 any time of the for these services. When you call please give a valid phone number for us to contact you in the event that you are not with your vehicle. The services offered are as follows :

  • Jump
  • Unlock
  • Tire Change


For your vehicle to be jumped you will need to provide your tag number to dispatch when you call the station. UCO Police uses jump boxes to jump vehicles and will not use jumper cables to assist you per UCO Police policy. If you are with your vehicle please have the hood popped in order for the Officer to locate you more easily.


 For your vehicle to be unlocked you will be asked your name and the name of the owner of the vehicle. If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle it is at the discretion of the responding Officer if they will unlock your vehicle for you. You will also need to provide your tag number to dispatch when you call. Once the Officer is on scene they will ask for your drivers license. If it is locked in the vehicle you will be asked to present it after the vehicle has been opened.

Tire Change

For UCO Police to assist in changing a tire you must have all of the required tools for performing the task - Car jack designed for your vehicle and tire iron. UCO Police will not provide these tools for you. You must also have a spare tire that is full of air. UCO Police will not transport you to air up a tire. The amount of assistance offered for the tire change is at the discretion of the responding Officer.

Morgan Stratton