Parking Permit Violations

Citations and Fees

Impoundment of Vehicles

Lot Closures

Any person who gives, barters, or otherwise transfers ownership of parking privileges of a parking permit shall be guilty of wrongful use and shall be fined a penalty of $100.00, immediate surrender of their parking permit, and may be subject to cancellation of his/her parking permit and revocation of all parking privileges, subject to the appeals process.

Lost, stolen or damaged parking permits must be reported to TPS. Any person who reports a permit lost, stolen or damaged and later finds the permit must return it to the TPS Office. If the owner uses the found permit, he/she is guilty of wrongful use and subject to a fine of $100.00. Permits that will not adhere to the windshield may be exchanged at no cost to the owner.

Any person who finds or gains possession of a lost, stolen, forged or altered permit and uses the permit to park on campus and will be subject to a fine of $100.00 and potential disciplinary action, according to the parking regulations.

If you believe a citation was not posted to your vehicle, the citation may not be waived but can be appealed.

Unpaid fines will be assessed interest in accordance with UCO policy.