Carpool Program


This program is valid for currently affiliated commuter or faculty/staff classified UCO members who will be able to commute together the majority of the time. There is a four (4) person maximum to carpool groups.


All members of a carpool group must together fill out a carpool application and submit it to the TPS office. All members must be present upon submitting the application. A primary permit holder must be agreed upon and designated on the application; this individual will hold the default account for any issues or concerns – including citations issued to non-registered vehicles displaying the carpool permit – that may arise.


One annual hang tag permit will be issued per carpool group. Carpool permits are valid in any commuter lot, multipermit lot, and the NUC visitor pay-to-park lot (Lot 10).

Finding Carpoolers

It is the responsibility of the individual(s) desiring a carpool group to find persons to carpool with.


$195 to be split evenly among all carpool group individuals. Two-person groups will be charged $97.50 each; three-person groups will be charged $65.00 each; and four-person groups will be charged $48.75 each. Payments can be with cash, check or charged to the individual’s Bursar account.


  • No additional annual permit may be purchased by a member of a carpool group.
  • Violation of any terms, conditions, or parking rules and regulations may be cause for revocation of the carpool permit.

When You Can't Ride Together

Each carpool member may receive up to 6 complimentary one-day passes per semester for days that they are unable to ride with the carpool. These must be requested in advance in person at the TPS office and be properly displayed on the vehicle before arriving to campus. Once these passes are used up, or if forgotten, individuals must either park in a pay-to-park location for the time needed or purchase a temporary pass.


If a vehicle displaying a carpool permit receives a citation, the citation will be added to the designated owner/driver of the vehicle’s account. If the vehicle is not registered the citation will be added to the primary permit holder’s account.

Changing Carpool Members

Carpool groups are welcome to add additional members, or change members, at the approval of all approved group members and the submission of a Carpool Amendment Agreement form and a new Carpool Application. This will allow new individuals to be added to the permit with their registered vehicles, but no financial changes will be made from TPS; it will be the responsibility of the carpool group to work out any financial obligations within the group due to new or changed members.

Disbanded Carpool Groups

If a carpool group disbands for any reason it is the responsibility of the group, defaulting to the primary permit holder, to notify the TPS office. All members will be required to verify the disbandment of the group by completing a Carpool Amendment Agreement form at the TPS office, and can exchange the Carpool permit for one annual permit with the appropriate classification (Faculty/Staff or Commuter) at no additional cost. It is the responsibility of the carpool group to determine who gets this permit, and to work out any financial obligations to other group members. No refunds will be given for disbanded groups.