E-Scooters by Lime

The presence of e-scooters by Lime in the City of Edmond presents a new alternative transportation option to students looking for a greener way to get from home to class. These scooters are considered "street legal" in Edmond, allowing them to be ridden in traffic or in bike lanes, and can reach speeds of up to 15 mph when outside the boundaries of campus. These specifications make e-scooters a fun alternative to driving, and a convenient way for those in the designated usage zone to get from the front door at home to the front door of class.

Designated Scooter Usage Zone


E-Scooters may only be ridden in the City of Edmond between Coltrane Road (East) and Kelly Avenue (West), and between Danforth Road (North) and 15th Street(South).

Usage Guidelines

Usage of e-scooters on campus are governed by best practices set forth by Lime, City of Edmond guidelines, UCO's Pedestrian-Friendly Campus Policy and the Campus Scooter Guidelines . While using a e-scooter within the boundaries of campus, users should keep the following in mind:

  • Scooters may be ridden on university sidewalks. Be aware of pedestrians and observe all motor vehicle laws;
  • Speeds on the UCO campus are automatically lowered to 10 mph when entering campus;
  • After use, all e-scooters should be parked in marked areas near bike racks. They should not be left in landscaped areas or blocking sidewalks or doorways. Abandonment of e-scooters in unauthorized areas may result in a fine automatically charged to the card used to rent the scooter;
  • Charging of e-scooters is prohibited in campus buildings;
  • Helmet use is highly recommended;
  • Double riding is prohibited.

Instructional Video

For those unfamiliar with the process of riding a shared scooter, Lime has created a short video demonstrating how to unlock and ride an e-scooter.