Alternative Transportation Programs

The Department of Transportation and Parking Services encourages and supports alternative modes of transportation. We offer a variety of programs to help reduce your carbon footprint, save you fuel and money, and reduce the hassle of finding parking.

Why Use Alternative Transportation?

Approximately 93% of the campus community currently drives to campus alone, based on a survey of 1,599 community members in Spring 2019. If just a quarter of those people chose to carpool with one other person each day, UCO would have over 350 less cars on campus.

Carpooling, walking, bicycling, riding public transit, etc. to get to, from, and around campus rather than driving a single occupancy vehicle has many benefits to the individual and the UCO community.

  • Save money spent on gas and wear and tear on your car.
  • Reduce road congestion.
  • Reduce carbon footprint.
  • Access to more parking spaces available on campus.
  • Have more time to spend on things other than driving.
  • Reduce stress during every day commute.

There are many different kinds of alternative transportation, but they all offer a more affordable and sustainable solution to commuting alone in a car.

Alternative Transportation Programs at UCO