Central Cycle

Central Cycle includes all of the bicycle programs and services offered by UCO Transportation and Parking Services. Additionally, there are various services within UCO and Edmond that promote and enhance bicycling as a means for alternative transportation to and within UCO's campus. See the tabs on the left for more details information regarding the bicycle services offered.

Bicycle Safety: Habits of Highly Effective Cyclists

(Adopted from okcbike.org)

  • Know and obey bicycling laws, including stopping at stop signs and red lights.
  • Wear helmets on every ride, as well as other safety gear as needed.
  • Make themselves as visible as possible: bright colored clothing, headlights and blinking taillights.
  • Keep bike maintained and properly adjusted, checking bike prior to every ride.
  • Consider route with safety in mine.
  • Sufficiently prepare body for ride, drinking plenty of water.