UCO Transportation & Parking Services (TPS)

Our Mission: Provide the UCO community a safe environment and ready access to campus facilities by efficiently using all available transportation and parking resources.

Our Services: TPS establishes parking rules and regulations, distributes parking permits, and manages the parking facilities on campus.  TPS also manages the alternative transportation programs consisting of the free Broncholink bus service, carpool program, and the bike rental program Bum-A-Bike.

UCO Parking News

Citylink Bus Route Change

Citylink bus routes 3 & 4, including the Broncholink bus, will pick up and drop off passengers southeast of the Center for Transformative Learning until further notice due to construction taking place on its normal route.

A Friendly Reminder

Transportation and Parking Services enforces all policies during intersession and summer terms. During these times, permits are required to be properly displayed on vehicles parked on campus, excluding paid visitor lots. For more information regarding TPS policies, including annual and temporary permit pricing, please see the TPS Rules and Regulations.

Citation Changes 

On March 20, 2017, TPS transferred all unpaid citations from UCO affiliated individual's parking accounts to their Bursar account. All transferred citations will need to be paid at the Bursar office.
Citations issued after the 20th will link to an individual's parking account and can be paid at the parking office or through their parking account at www.uco.edu/parking. At the end of each semester, all unpaid citations will be transferred from parking accounts to Bursar accounts; once this occurs payment must be made through Bursar office.

Parking Map Update Due to Construction

Due to the construction of the new STEM building, updates to the parking map went into effect on Saturday, February 4, 2017. Changes made include: closure of former lot 13, closure of the access road North of the Forensic Science Institute from Garland Godfrey, and the designations of lots 12 and 14.

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