Parking Permit Pricing

Annual Permit Rates:

Permits are valid from the date bought until July 31st of the following year. Permit pricing is prorated throughout the year for new permits only: TPS does not refund or prorate charges for purchased permits. The annual permit is valid for the dates indicated on the front of the permit and includes Fall/Spring/Summer sessions. For the full proration schedule please see our Rules & Regulations.

Current Annual Permit Price:


*Price drops to $40 on June 1, 2017*

Motorcycle Permit Rates:

Motorcycle permits are $32 for the annual year (Fall/Spring/Summer).

Motorcycles must display a valid motorcycle permit, placed on the front fork or on an approved permit holder. The permit must be placed where it can be easily seen. Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle parking.

Permit Replacement:

Lost or Stolen Permits

Any UCO permit reported lost or stolen will be subject to a replacement fee of one-half (1/2) the current price rate regardless of the circumstances of the loss/theft. The owner of record is responsible for reporting a lost/stolen permit to TPS by the next business day. If not, the owner may be responsible for payment of any citations accumulated by that permit.

Any person who finds or gains possession of a lost, stolen, forged or altered permit and uses the permit to park on campus will be subject to a fine of $100.00, immediate surrender of the lost/stolen permit, may be subject to revocation of all parking privileges, and could be subject to criminal charges.

Totaled Vehicles

If a vehicle is totaled due to an accident or the windshield is broken and the permit is not retrievable the permit owner should come to the TPS office with paperwork from his/her insurance company stating the vehicle is totaled. TPS will sell a new parking permit for one-third (1/3) of the current going rate.

Damaged Permits

Permits that have been damaged and are unable to be properly used (i.e. will no longer adhere to the window or are ripped) can be exchanged at no additional cost. The owner of the permit must bring the damaged permit to the TPS office, provide proof of identification, and a new permit will be issued.

Temporary Permit Pricing:

Temporary parking permits may be purchased in person at the TPS office, NUC 309a. The permit must be clearly displayed from the rearview mirror. Temporary passes are valid based on the uniquely specified date range, classification, and parking restrictions indicated on the pass.

  • Day Permit: $3
  • Week Permit: $10
  • Month Permit: $35