North Parking Program

North parking permits are no longer available for the 2015-2016 academic year. Please look for more information regarding 2015-2016 permit options in Summer 2016.

2015-2016 academic year North Parking contract (PDF)

This offer is for Commuter students only.  Commuter students can sign up for a limited number of these exclusive parking permits provided they agree to park only in the designated parking lots 1, 2 or 3 for the fall and/or spring semester of the 2015-2016 academic year. The summer semester does not apply. Click on the parking maps link in the side menu to see the location of these parking lots. All North Parking permits are eligible to receive a $62.50 rebate per semester (for fall/spring). If the program is only done for the spring semester, a rebate of $42.50 is given. Rebates are contingent upon compliance with the following terms:

  • Parking in any other Commuter, Housing, Multi-Purpose or Faculty/Space lot at any time for the agreed upon semester(s) will render this agreement null and void.
  • Parking in a disability space in any other lot with your North Parking permit and disability placard/license plate voids your rebate opportunity.
  • Parking in any other lot with your North Parking permit and Medical permit also voids your rebate opportunity.
  • You may not utilize the Carpool lot with your North Parking permit.
  • You MUST return your North Parking permit and receive a regular Commuter permit, at no additional charge, if you receive a citation for parking in any other than the designated lots.
  • You may choose to continue this agreement for the next eligible semester by calling the TPS office at 405-974-2780 or by emailing us at before the beginning of the next semester.
  • You may choose not to continue this agreement at any time before the semester ends. If so, you will receive a regular Commuter permit in exchange for the North Parking permit, but you will not be eligible for the per semester rebate.