Lost or Stolen Decals

Any UCO decal reported lost or stolen will be subject to a replacement fee of one half (1/2) the current purchase price regardless of the circumstances of the loss/theft. The owner of record is responsible for reporting a lost/stolen decal to TPS by the next business day after the loss or theft. If not, the owner may be responsible for payment of any citations accumulated by that decal.

The owner of a parking permit stolen on campus is encouraged to report the theft to the Campus Police at extension 974-2345. The owner of a parking permit stolen at a location off campus may wish to report the theft to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction at that location. Once the decal is reported lost/stolen it is considered an unauthorized decal and cannot be used again even by the original owner.

Unauthorized use or possession of a lost/stolen decal will result in a $100.00 fine, immediate surrender of the lost/stolen decal, and may be subject to revocation of all parking privileges, and could be subject to criminal charges.