Types of Parking Permits

All parking lots on campus are reserved.  TPS reserves the right to change lot usage to accommodate special circumstances. View the current UCO Parking Map to find the lots designated for your permit type.


Students who live off-campus (i.e. not in UCO’s on-campus residence halls) qualify to purchase a Commuter permit that allows parking in any area designated for Commuter or Multipermit parking. Commuter permits are also valid in Faculty/Staff parking lots from 4pm – 7am. Commuter permits are never valid in Housing lots.

Remote/Evening (Sold Out for 2018-2019)

Commuter students, Housing students and Faculty/Staff qualify to purchase a Remote/Evening permit at half the price of a regular permit. Remote/Evening permits are only valid in lots 1, 2, & 3 from 7am - 4pm. After 4pm the permit is valid in any Commuter, Faculty/Staff, and Multipermit lots. A number of these permits are available, and will be issued on a first-come-first-serve basis. Student may order the permit online. Faculty/Staff can obtain one at our office.


Students contracted to live in on-campus Housing (Murdaugh Hall, the Transformative Learning Quadrangle, University Commons, University Suites, and West Hall) qualify to purchase a Housing permit that allows parking in lots designated for Housing and Multipermit parking. Housing parking is reserved 24 hours a day for Housing permits only. Housing permits are valid in Commuter and Faculty/Staff lots from 4pm – 7am.


Vehicles displaying a Faculty/Staff permit are allowed to park in areas designated for Faculty/Staff or Multipermit parking, as well as Commuter parking from 4pm – 7am. Only those presenting a valid Faculty/Staff ID will be issued a Faculty/Staff parking permit.

  • Other individuals may not use Faculty/Staff parking permits. Unauthorized users may receive a $100.00 fine.
  • When a Faculty/Staff member is processing out of UCO for resignation, retirement, or termination action, they must return the parking permit to the TPS Office or Employment Services Office.


Students and Faculty/Staff who have a state issued Disability Parking Placard are eligible to purchase a Disability permit that allows parking in any handicap space on campus as well as any space that is not otherwise reserved. The permit is also valid in visitor lots free of charge. Individuals must display both their Disability Parking Placard and UCO Disability permit. Any unauthorized vehicle parked in a disability parking space is subject to be towed.


Motorcycles must display a valid Motorcycle permit, placed on the front fork or on an approved permit holder.  Permit must be placed where it can be easily seen. Motorcycles must park in designated motorcycle parking and are not permitted to park in regular vehicle spaces. Motorcycles may park in regular vehicle spaces in visitor pay lots, but the time must still be paid.


A non-expiring retired/emeritus permit will be issued to persons who have a valid UCO retired/emeritus ID card. Retired/Emeritus permits are valid in any Commuter, Faculty/Staff, Housing, or Multipermit parking lot. These permits are also valid in the NUC Visitor Lot free of charge; other pay station lots must be paid at the regular rates.

Special Use

Individuals who are not affiliated with the University, and thus do not fall under one of the aforementioned types of permits, may purchase a Special Use parking permit. Special Use permits are valid in any Commuter, Faculty/Staff, Housing, or Multipermit parking lot.

Wellness Center

Wellness Center parking passes are valid for persons who have current memberships at the Wellness Center and are not employees, vendors, contractors, or UCO students. Wellness Center parking passes are available for purchase at the Wellness Center and are valid only in lots 46 and 47 surrounding the Wellness Center building.


Groups of two (2) to four (4) currently affiliated Commuter or Faculty/Staff classified UCO members who sign a carpool agreement will be issued one Carpool permit. Carpool permits are hanging tags, and must be displayed from the rearview mirror. Individuals are restricted from purchasing any other annual permit while an active member of a carpool group. Carpool permits are valid in any Commuter and Multipermit lots, as well as the Nigh Visitor Pay Lot; other pay station lots must be paid at the regular rates.

Presidential Partner

Recognized members of the prestigious Presidential Partners program qualify to receive one nontransferable annual parking permit upon request. Presidential Partner parking passes are valid in Commuter, Housing, Faculty/Staff, and Multipermit lots. These permits are not valid in designated spaces reserved for specific individuals (i.e. Service Vehicle Only, 24 Hour Reserved, Clinic spaces, etc.). Presidential Partners may park in the NUC Visitor Lot free of charge; other pay station lots must be paid at the regular rates.

Temporary Passes

Temporary passes are available for a variety of durations, based on the situation. These passes may be purchased by the day, week, or month. Contact the TPS office for more information about temporary passes.