Citation Appeals

You may appeal a citation if you believe you received the citation in error or if you had an extenuating circumstance which you believe warrants having your citation reduced or dismissed.

The following are an invalid basis for an appeal:

  • I didn't know the rules
  • I purchased my permit but have not picked it up yet
  • There were other cars parked like this
  • It was only for a short time
  • I was running late
  • There was nowhere else to park
  • There was a passenger left in the car
  • I left a note on the windshield 
  • I had my hazard lights on
  • I wasn't taking anyone's space/there were plenty of spaces
  • Others didn't get ticketed for doing the same thing
  • I don't agree with the parking rules and regulations 

Appeals are handled by a two-level process

First Level

Individuals must make appeals for violations within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the citation. The parking appeal must be submitted online. The appellant must submit a concise, factual statement justifying the appeal in the space provided. By submitting the appeal the individual indicates that the appeal statement is true.

The appeal will then be independently read and reviewed by two full-time TPS staff members who can waive the citation, reduce the fine amount by half, or uphold the citation. If the two do not agree, a third full-time staff member will make the tie-breaking decision. First level appeal decisions will receive a ruling via email within 15 business days, including a reason for the decision. The first level is an online written appeal; there is no in-person appeal option at this level.

Second Level

Appealed citations that are reduced or upheld at the first level may be appealed to the second level within five (5) calendar days from the date of the first level appeal ruling. In order to submit a second level appeal the citation must be paid for in full and a $5 processing fee will be added to the individual’s account. Second level appeals are heard by a board of faculty, staff, and students not affiliated with the TPS office.

The board meets on scheduled dates throughout the academic year. Three members constitute a quorum for all meetings. The board may waive, reduce, or uphold citations. Citations already reduced at the first level may only be upheld or waived by the board. Appellants at the second level have the option to attend the second level appeals board meeting in person and present their case. Otherwise the second level appeals board will rule based on the information and documentation the appellant provided for the first and second level reasoning along with the citation and pictures taken at the time of the citation. If the second level appeal results in the fine being reduced or waived, appropriate amount for the citation and the $5 processing fee will be refunded. The decision on the second level appeal is final.